Refunds/Withdrawing My Application Questions

Q: How do I withdraw my application?

A: After you have submitted your application and materials, if you wish to withdraw your application; contact ADEA AADSAS and the dental schools directly. Mail a letter of explanation to:

655 K Street, NW, Suite 800,
Washington, DC 20001

Note: ADEA AADSAS does not provide refunds for withdrawals.

Q: How can I obtain a refund if I withdraw my application or no longer wish to continue processing my application to the dental schools?

A: ADEA AADSAS does not issue a refund for eSubmitted applications. To withdraw your ADEA AADSAS application from consideration you must send a letter of explanation to ADEA AADSAS. In the letter, include your full name, ADEA AADSAS ID number, and the reason why you are withdrawing your application.

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