Admissions Process and Interviews Questions

Q: My status indicates my application has been sent to my designated schools. Why have I not heard from them?

A: Depending on individual school policies and procedures, it may take several weeks for a dental school to contact you about your application. You are encouraged to visit the designated dental school admission office websites to determine when you can expect to receive a response. In the meantime, be sure to send supplemental applications, letters of evaluation, and other materials directly to the school as required.

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Q: How do I know if the dental school has received my application?

A: Check the ADEA AADSAS status bar, "Dental School Designations," to determine the date your application was sent to your designated schools.

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Q: What weight is applied to the various components of my application?

A: Each dental school  will evaluate your application based on school-specific criteria. ADEA AADSAS is not involved in setting these criteria or weighing the importance of your credentials. Check the "ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools", and/or dental school admissions websites, or contact the admissions offices of your designated schools if you have questions about their criteria.

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Q: Do dental schools that participate in ADEA AADSAS require a criminal background check?

A: ADEA AADSAS has implemented a new service for dental schools that wish to obtain a criminal background checks on all admitted students  .Individuals who are extended offers of admission to participating dental schools will be contacted by Certiphi Screening, Inc. after the admissions offer has been made to conduct a background check.

Note: Not all dental schools participate in this service; some dental schools conduct criminal background checks using other processes, and some dental schools do not currently require a criminal background check. Watch for more details about criminal background checks.

Applicants are instructed in the ADEA AADSAS application to provide information about any misdemeanors, felony charges, or convictions. Failure to disclose this information is a serious matter and may affect an applicant's admission to dental school.

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Q: When will I be notified if or when I will be interviewed?

A: Interview policies vary by school. Check the dental school admissions websites or contact the admissions offices of your designated schools if you have questions about interviews.

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