Supplemental (or Secondary) Application Questions

Q: What is a supplemental (or secondary) application?

A: In addition to applying to ADEA AADSAS, some dental schools request applicants to submit a supplemental or secondary application. These applications are used when the dental school wishes to collect additional information not asked in the ADEA AADSAS application that is important to that particular school.

The list of participating dental schools and the supplemental information they require can be found in the Instructions section of the ADEA AADSAS application. Supplemental information is also listed in the Dental School Designations section.

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Q: When do I submit supplemental applications?

A: This varies by school. Some schools ask that you initiate a supplemental application at the time you submit your ADEA AADSAS application. Others invite you to complete a supplemental application only after initial review of your ADEA AADSAS application.

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Q: How do I find out if I need to submit supplemental applications?

A: Go to the Dental School Designations page in your application. Click on "Update Designations", then click on the "Supplemental Information" link next to your designated dental schools.

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Q: Many dental schools to which I have applied are requesting an additional application fee. I already paid ADEA AADSAS to process my application. Do I have to pay that additional fee?

A: Yes. Many dental schools charge a supplemental application fee. This fee helps covers the cost of processing your application within that particular school. Most dental schools will not consider your application complete without receipt of their supplemental application fee (see Supplemental information in the Dental School Designations section, located next to each school when updating your designations).

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Q: Do I have to complete supplemental applications and pay supplemental application fees?

A: If a dental school asks you to submit a supplemental application and pay a supplemental application fee, you must do so for your supplemental application to be considered complete at that particular school. Check with the schools for exceptions due to financial hardship.

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Q: Are supplemental application deadline dates the same as the ADEA AADSAS application deadlines?

A: Not necessarily. Check with the individual schools to determine their supplemental application deadlines.

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Q: Can I use my ADEA AADSAS application essay in my supplemental application?

A: Check with the schools to which you are applying. Generally, if a supplemental application asks for an additional essay, it is suggested that you compose a new essay.

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