Coursework Questions

Q: Why do I have to enter all my coursework on the AADSAS application?

A: The information you enter in the Coursework Section is systematically organized for the dental schools to show your semester-by-semester progress. Also, various GPA's are computed and reported using the academic information you provide.

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Q: What if I forgot to enter some of my coursework?

A: If, after submitting your application, you realize you forgot to enter some of your coursework, contact an ADEA Customer Service Representative immediately, (617) 612-2045 or You will be instructed on the next steps to take.

If ADEA AADSAS notices that you failed to enter coursework, you will be contacted by a staff person from the ADEA AADSAS Transcript Verification Department who will explain the next steps to be taken.

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Q: I am having trouble entering my completed coursework. I am receiving a message that states, "The course already exists in the database." What do I need to do to get my coursework entered?

A: It is likely that you have been attempting to add courses that are already in the database. Remember that applicants add schools that they've attended by clicking on "Add New Session" in the Coursework Section.

To add courses in the Coursework section, go to this section and locate the term and college to which you wish to add the courses.

  • Click on "Add Course" under the appropriate school:
  • You can now enter the course. Click on Save.
  • Repeat for each course you wish to add.

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Q: I am having trouble classifying some of my courses. How do I decide to classify my classes as BCP-Other Science-Non Science?

A: Use the examples offered inside the Coursework section of the application as a guideline. Use your best judgment to classify your courses as English,Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Other Science (Sciences other than biology-chemistry-physics), or Non Science. Use these examples as guidelines.

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Q: Do I include courses completed at foreign institutions?

A: Yes. Enter the college name along with coursework information. This information will be printed on the application and sent to the designated dental schools. ADEA AADSAS will not verify foreign coursework or compute a GPA for foreign coursework. Copies of all foreign transcripts and evaluations will be forwarded to the designated dental schools.

Send foreign transcripts to:

ADEA AADSAS Foreign Transcript Processing Center
P.O. Box 9110
Watertown, MA 02471  

(Exception: Courses completed overseas in Study Abroad programs, but for which academic credit was given on a U.S./Canadian transcript SHOULD be entered as coursework information in the Coursework section under the U.S./Canadian university to which the credit is posted.)

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Q: I have listed courses in the "Coursework" section. How do I update that coursework information?

A: Updating the "Coursework" section of your ADEA AADSAS application occurs only during the Academic Update period starting in mid-November 2013 to February 1, 2014. You will receive notification about a special time period when you will be allowed to enter all grades earned and adjust course information. You will have approximately one month to provide the requested information, including submitting an updated official transcript. An Academic Update, including revised GPA's is provided to each of your designated schools in February 2014.

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Q: How do I list Advanced Placement (AP) coursework?

A: List the college/university that originally posted your Advanced Placement coursework in the Colleges Attended section. Then, in the Coursework section, enter the AP courses for which you received credit. Indicate in the "special designations" section that the courses are AP.

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Q: How do I enter my coursework if my transcript indicates course credits or units (1 course = 1 credit) rather than semester or quarter hours (1 course = 4 semester hours)?

A: Certain institutions grant credit by using a course credit/unit system, in which the majority of courses are equivalent to 1 course credit or unit rather than some number of semester hours or quarter hours. In order for your GPAs to be calculated correctly, you must list your coursework with semester or quarter hours rather than course credits/units, even if your transcript lists course credits/units. Institutions that use the credit/unit system generally have the semester/quarter conversion ratio on the back of the official transcript. For example, 1 credit = 3.33 semester hours or 5 quarter hours. If you can not locate this information on the back of your transcript, you should call your institution's Registrar or Records office.

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