Academic Update Questions

Q: What is the Academic Update?

A: Academic Update (AU) is a window of time when you can provide grades for courses earned since the  original submission of your 2016 ADEA AADSAS application. During the Academic Update period, you can provide grades for courses from Spring 2015, Summer 2015 and Fall 2015. All individuals whose ADEA AADSAS applications have been sent to designated schools (application was previously completed and mailed) have theopportunity to take part in the Academic Update. The Academic Update period runs from mid November 2015 through February 1, 2016. ADEA AADSAS will notify applicants when the Academic Update period opens.

If you choose to participate in the Academic Update, you will be permitted to update your coursework in your application and will be required to submit an updated transcript reflecting the new grades earned. Your revised application will be sent electronically to your designated dental schools after your updated transcripts have been received and verified.

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Q: Is it mandatory that I participate in the Academic Update?

A: ADEA AADSAS does not require you to participate in the Academic Update. Rather, this is a service that you can opt to use. The Academic Update allows you to provide your most recent grades to the schools to which you have applied. If you have already been admitted, check with your school to determine if they want you to participate in Academic Update-many schools ask that you do so, so that they have your most recent grades on file.

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Q: Is there a fee to participate in the Academic Update?

A: There is no additional fee to participate in the Academic Update.

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Q: How long does it take to process an Academic Update?

A: After you have submitted your updated coursework information in your ADEA AADSAS application, and ADEA AADSAS has received your up-to-date transcripts, it takes to 4 to 6 weeks for updated information to be sent by ADEA AADSAS to your designated dental schools.

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Q: When should I submit my updated transcripts to begin processing the Academic Update?

A: Request the registrar's office to submit your transcripts to ADEA AADSAS as soon as the new grades are posted to your transcript. It is imperative that you provide your registrar's office with an ADEA AADSAS Transcript Matching Form that should be sent with your updated transcripts to ADEA AADSAS. Forward official transcripts with the Transcript Matching Forms to:

ADEA AADSAS Transcript Processing Department
PO Box 9110
Watertown, MA 02471 

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Q: Who can take advantage of the Academic Update?

A: Only applicants whose applications have been mailed by ADEA AADSAS to their designated schools are allowed to update their coursework during the AU window. This means that you have e-submitted your original application, paid the processing fee, all of your transcripts have been received and verified, and your application has been mailed to the designated schools around mid-January 2016.

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Q: Can I use the Academic Update more than once?

A: No. You can only submit your Academic Update coursework once. Make sure you have the complete results from your spring, summer and fall classes and carefully review your information.

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Q: I want to know more about the Academic Update. How do I find out more?

A: More detailed questions and answers will be available in the ADEA AADSAS instructions once the Academic Update window opens and you receive notification.

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