Where to Apply

Many U.S. and Canadian dental schools that offer advanced standing programs for international dental graduates participate in ADEA CAAPID. Visit the ADEA CAAPID Directory . You will find a list of all institutions that currently accept applications from international dental graduates through ADEA CAAPID.


Select the name of the dental school to access its ADEA CAAPID directory page, which provides details about that school's program and admission requirements. The directory page also provides contact information for dental school officials who can answer any questions you may have about the school's advanced standing program, as well as a link to the institution's own advanced standing program web pages.


After you have researched the programs in the ADEA CAAPID directory that are of interest to you, you will be ready to begin or complete your ADEA CAAPID application process and designate the dental schools that you wish to apply.


If a dental school that offers advanced standing admission is not listed in the directory, you will need to contact that program directly for information about its admission process.

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