ADEA CAAPID Application Processing

The application is considered complete once the electronic ADEA CAAPID, payment for the processing fee, and the WES or ECE course-by-course evaluation have all been received.

Letters of Evaluation are not required to complete your application. All Letters of Evaluation received prior to your application being processed by ADEA CAAPID will be included with your application when it is released to your designated dental schools. Additional Letters of Evaluations received after your application has already been released to your designated dental schools will be made available immediately after being received.Evaluators to submit Letters of Evaluation as early as possible,because some programs will not review the application until the letters are received. ADEA CAAPID recommends contacting your individual programs to determine their specific submission requirements regarding Letters of Evaluations.

As documents arrive, your application status will be updated.Monitor the dates documents are received and the date(s) when the application is made available to designated programs - via the Status screen in the ADEA CAAPID application.


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