Letters of Evaluation(1)

ADEA CAAPID accepts and distributes up to three Letters of Evaluation submitted on your behalf to each program you designated in the application. Applicants can have no more than three Letters of Evaluation. Letters of Evaluation may be submitted electronically and/or by paper. Letters submitted will only be processed if you have listed them in your application so that they can be matched to the correct file.

Visit the ADEA CAAPID Directory to view the recommended source and number of evaluations for your selected programs. Evaluators are encouraged to electronically submit their Letters of Evaluation to expedite the completion of your application. Letters of Evaluation received after your application has been sent to programs will be made available to those programs electronically in the upcoming mailing.

Electronic Option (preferred)

1. Select "electronic" in the" Evaluations" section of the application.

2. Enter the names and email addresses of your evaluators.

3. Select the waiver statement that you prefer.

4. An email will be sent to your evaluators with instructions on how to submit a Letter of Evaluation to ADEA CAAPID. This email provides the evaluator with a link to our online evaluation portal as well as a username and password. Please advise your evaluators to check their spam or junk mail folders as some ADEA CAAPID Evaluation Requests may be filtered by certain email providers.

5. Your Evaluator will then electronically complete and submit the Letter of Evaluation. Once submitted, it will automatically show as "completed" in the "Status" section of your application. No paper forms need to be filled out or sent for electronic Letters of Evaluations. Once an evaluator has completed the electronic evaluation, both the applicant and the evaluator will receive an email confirming that the evaluation has been received by ADEA CAAPID.

Paper Option

1. Select "paper" in the "Evaluations" section of the application.

2. You will be prompted to print a Letter of Evaluation Matching Form for each evaluator. Each Letter of Evaluation Matching Form is pre-printed with your name and contact information and has a special bar code that helps ADEA CAAPID match the letter(s) to your application.

3. Request that your evaluators submit their letters as early as possible. Faxed documents will not be accepted.

4. Submit official letters of evaluation in an envelope containing the evaluator's signature across the closure. Evaluators may use envelopes from their institution or business.

  • Submit original document if available. Keep in mind that ADEA CAAPID will not return any original document to the applicant.


  • Submit notarized copies if official letters cannot be obtained.

5. You can only submit up to three Letters of Evaluation with your ADEA CAAPID application.

If an evaluation is received without the proper contact information (e.g., signature/name, telephone number, mailing address, email address) the Letter of Evaluation will be considered incomplete. ADEA CAAPID will contact you through your application to request that the evaluation be completed and re-submitted to ADEA CAAPID Processing Department,PO Box 9116, Watertown, MA 02471.


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