FAQs - Letters of Evaluation

Q: My evaluators have asked to submit paper letters of evaluation. What address should be used to submit them to ADEA CAAPID?

A: If you are mailing documents using the United States Postal Service (USPS), use the PO Box address below:

ADEA CAAPID Processing Department
PO Box 9116
Watertown, MA 02471 USA

Note: USPS Delivery Confirmation does NOT verify receipt of materials at ADEA CAAPID.

If you are shipping documents using UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc., use the address below:

ADEA CAAPID Processing Department
c/o Liaison International
311 Arsenal St. Suite 15
Watertown, MA 02472 USA

Note: If you choose to send your application materials via express service (e.g., UPS, FedEx, DHL) you must ship materials overnight delivery Monday through Thursday ONLY. Deliveries will not be accepted on Saturday, and ADEA CAAPID is not responsible for materials delivered during non-operational hours.

Q: Does ADEA CAAPID hold up the processing of my application until my letters of evaluation are received?

A: No. Since letters of evaluation are not required to complete your application, ADEA CAAPID does not delay processing if we have not yet received any or all of your letters. If your letters arrive after your application has been sent to the schools, ADEA CAAPID will forward those letters to your designated programs in the next mailing that occurs after their receipt.

Q: My evaluators want to send their letters to my designated programs directly. What should I do?

A: Your evaluators can submit their letters to designated programs if they prefer. Your application will not be delayed if we have not received any or all letters of evaluation written on your behalf. (Because ADEA CAAPID has not processed letters sent directly to schools by evaluators, we cannot advise you about the status of these letters, nor can we include letters if you choose to apply to additional dental schools in the future.)

Q: How do I know if my letters of evaluation have been received by ADEA CAAPID?

A: To view the status of your letters of evaluation after initiating your ADEA CAAPID application,

  • Login to your ADEA CAAPID application
  • Go to the "Status" section
  • Select "Evaluators"; the date of receipt and date submitted to programs of each of your letters is listed. Letters that ADEA CAAPID has received are listed even if you have not yet submitted your ADEA CAAPID application.

Q: How do I know if my letters of evaluation 
have been sent to my designated schools?

A: Log into your ADEA CAAPID application and go to "Evaluators" in the Status section of your ADEA CAAPID application. The dates your letters were received by ADEA CAAPID and the dates they were sent to the programs are indicated.

Q: Can my evaluators submit their letters electronically?

A: Yes. ADEA CAAPID offers evaluators the option of submitting Letters of Evaluation (LOEs) as either an online electronic document or as a paper letter that is mailed to ADEA CAAPID.

To use the electronic LOE process:

  • Login to your ADEA CAAPID application
  • Select "Evaluators"
  • Select "Add New Entry"
  • Select the "Electronic" reference type
  • Fill out all sections
  • Enter the evaluator's name, institution, email address, and all required information
  • Select "Save"

ADEA CAAPID will then send an email message to your evaluators, explaining the process of uploading Letters of Evaluation to ADEA CAAPID.

Q: When I originally submitted my application, I indicated the names and contact information for my evaluators. Since that time, one (or some) of my evaluators cannot provide me a letter. What do I do?

A: Log into your ADEA CAAPID application and go the "Evaluators" section of your application. Delete the names of the evaluator(s) who will not be writing on your behalf. Insert the name(s) of the new evaluators. Print new Letter of Evaluation Matching Forms if you are using the paper option.

Q: Can I delete an evaluator after I submit my CAAPID application?

A: Yes, you may delete an evaluator after you submit your ADEA CAAPID application unless that evaluator's LOE has already been received by ADEA CAAPID. Once an LOE is marked as "received" by ADEA CAAPID, that evaluator can no longer be deleted.

Q: Will ADEA CAAPID process letters that are not listed in the Evaluator section of my application?

A: ADEA CAAPID cannot process an LOE unless the evaluator is listed in your application. Any letters that ADEA CAAPID receives from evaluators not listed in your application will be retained and stored. Once you have listed the evaluator in your application, ADEA CAAPID will process your LOE. ADEA CAAPID cannot list the evaluator for you.

Q: What happens if my letters of evaluation are received by ADEA CAAPID after my application has been sent to the schools?

A: Letters received after your ADEA CAAPID application has been sent to your designated programs will be forwarded in the next mailing that occurs after their receipt. Check the Status bar to monitor the date letters are sent to your schools.

Q: Can I obtain a copy of my letters of evaluation?

A: It is ADEA CAAPID policy not to release letters of evaluation to applicants, even if you did not sign a waiver. Contact your evaluators if you wish to see your evaluations.

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