FAQs - Completing Application

Q: When does ADEA CAAPID begin processing my application?
A: Once your application is submitted, payment is received and your evaluated dental school transcript is received, your application will be processed immediately. ADEA CAAPID begins sending complete applications to programs in April.


Q: How can I update my email address with my ADEA CAAPID application?
A: When you log into your ADEA CAAPID application, go to "Account Information" under "My Tools."


Q: I copied my essay into the application but it is not formatted the way I want. How can I format my essay?
A: We recommend that you use Microsoft Word or WordPad to type, copy, and paste your text into the essay space provided. Select "Preview" at the bottom of the screen to view the formatting of your essay before you submit your application to ADEA CAAPID. For further instructions, visit the Applicant "Instructions For This Section" screen. Do not bold, italicize, or underline any of your text.


Q: I submitted my ADEA CAAPID application. How do I make sure my application was received?
A: ADEA CAAPID will send you an email notification upon receipt of your electronic application. Also, you MUST log into your ADEA CAAPID application to monitor the status of your application.


Q: Once I have submitted my application how can I make changes or corrections?
A: Most sections of the ADEA CAAPID application cannot be updated after submitting to ADEA CAAPID. Those sections that can be revised are: Account Information, Biographic Information, TOEFL, National Board Scores, and Evaluators. To make changes, corrections, or to update information, log into your application, make your entries and click save.



Q: If I do not have my TOEFL scores at the time I submit my application; will ADEA CAAPID continue to process, my application?
A: Yes. ADEA CAAPID will process your application without the TOEFL scores. Keep in mind that some programs will not review your application until TOEFL scores (or other English language proficiency scores) are reported.


Q: Should I have my National Board Dental Examination scores sent directly to ADEA CAAPID?
A: No. Do not submit official National Board Dental Examination score reports to ADEA CAAPID. You must enter the score(s) you received on the NBDE in the appropriate field of your ADEA CAAPID application. You must also report your status (pass/fail). ADEA CAAPID does not return official National Board Dental Examination Score reports to applicants. Programs that are seriously considering you for admission may request that you submit an official set of National Board scores directly to them; other programs may request National Board scores only after you have been extended an offer of admission.


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