Application Deadlines

The key to managing the application process is to APPLY EARLY. The ADEA CAAPID application should be completed prior to the earliest deadline among the programs you have chosen to apply to. Programs generally are pleased to receive applications well before their stated deadlines, as early submission allows more time for evaluation, scheduling interviews, and final selection. Individual program deadlines indicate when the schools need access to the complete application which is defined as the time the school has access to the entire application and it is processed in the system.

In order to meet the program's official deadline, materials must be received by close of business on that date. You are able to submit your application up until 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on the deadline date. Please note that it takes several minutes for a submission to be completed, and times close to deadlines have a high volume of applicants submitting which can cause delays. We strongly advise that you do not wait to e-submit your application. The ADEA CAAPID deadline requirements state that we must receive the completed electronic application, a course-by-course ECE or WES evaluated dental school transcript and the required application fee payment.

ADEA CAAPID no longer provides weekly mailings to participating programs. Once your application is considered complete by ADEA CAAPID it is automatically displayed as a complete application to your designated programs. ;If the deadline falls on a holiday, the application must arrive by the close of business on the last business day prior to the holiday. As long as your materials are received by the close of business on the deadline date, then you have typically met the deadline. Check with your designated dental schools to determine if they have any additional deadline requirements.

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