Beginning the ADEA CAAPID Application Process

ADEA CAAPID 2014 begins processing applications April 15, 2013 and transferring applications to programs by the end of April. The 2014 ADEA CAAPID application cycle ends February 3, 2014.

Tips for a timely and successful application submission:

  • Apply early! Do not wait until deadlines approach to submit your application. Each program has its own application deadline. ADEA CAAPID will not send your application after a school's deadline. 
  • Submit a completed ADEA CAAPID application. The ADEA CAAPID application contains an essay, up to 3 letters of evaluation, and your official WES or ECE course-by-course evaluation for the dental school you attended.
  • Submit your letter(s) of evaluation . The delayed submission of letters of evaluation will not hinder your ADEA CAAPID application. Letters of evaluation will be transmitted to your designated program(s) as they are received in our office.

Monitor the status of your application . Applicants must monitor their application status by logging into their ADEA CAAPID application account. You are responsible for the timely completion of your application in order to meet all deadlines at the programs you designate.


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