Educational Debt Management Materials for Dental Students

The materials on this page will assist dental students with better managing their student loans and planning their overall repayment strategies.


Questions to Ask When Considering Refinancing Your Student LoansPDF

There are a number of private lenders and other organizations offering to consolidate or refinance both federal and private student loans for eligible borrowers. While eligibility requirements vary by lender, some private lenders are targeting borrowers with higher or potentially higher incomes, as well as those with at least some history of employment.

Entrance Interview Companion, Class of 2019: Important Information About Financing Your Dental Education

Targeted to first-year dental students, this narrated presentation provides important information about financing a dental education.

Consolidation Primer: Consolidation as Part of Your Repayment StrategyPDF

You may be considering consolidation as part of your overall repayment strategy as you graduate and transition into your dental career or begin advanced training following graduation. Consolidation is a process where you pay off multiple loans with one new loan. There are advantages and disadvantages to consolidation, and while it is an effective debt management tool for some dental school graduates, it is not appropriate for everyone. We anticipate that many dental school graduates in the Class of 2016 will not need to consolidate their student loans.

Income Driven Repayment Plans and Forgiveness Programs

This recorded module looks at the income-driven repayment plans like Income Based Repayment (IBR) and Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and helps dental school graduates determine if these plans should be part of their repayment strategy.  The module also looks at forgiveness programs, including Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Interest Rate Primer: Understanding How Interest Rates Work on Your Student Loans

This Interest Rate Primer is intended to help you understand how the interest rates work on your student loans, along with information on capitalization and how capitalization works on the loans you are likely to be taking out as dental and dental hygiene students.  The Primer includes helpful tips on how to reduce the impact of high interest rates and capitalization on repayment.

Loan Servicing Primer: Loan Servicing Update and Tips for Working Effectively with Loan ServicersPDF

One of the most important relationships you will have as you manage your student loans after graduation from dental school is with your loan servicer. The more informed you are regarding what you have borrowed. the more productive and efficient your relationship with your loan servicer is likely to be. Many dental school graduates in the Class of 2015 will find they have one loan servicer for all their federally owned loans.

Questions to Ask Before Borrowing Private LoansPDF

This Primer is designed to help you understand what kind of information you will need before applying for a private loan to finance your dental or dental hygiene education.  These questions should also be asked of the lender or loan provider of any private loans you may have from college, as it is extremely important to know what happens to these loans during dental school and immediately after graduation.  We encourage you to always speak with your Financial Aid Office before taking out private loans.

Repayment Primer: Tips to Help You Prepare to Enter Repayment on Your Student LoansPDF

This Repayment Primer is intended to help you better manage your student loans as you prepare for the transition from dental school to practice or post-doctoral work, whether a school-based or an employee-based residency program. You will be working with your loan servicer(s) in repayment, so be sure your address and contact information is up to date and pay special attention to any correspondence from loan servicers.

Repayment Strategies for Managing Your Student Loans

This recorded module looks at simple ways dental school graduates can determine the most effective repayment strategy for their student loans, regardless of their career plans and regardless of any postdoctoral work.

Senior Loan Exit Interview Dental School Class of 2015PDF

Download this PowerPoint presentation explaining repayment strategies for managing your student loans.