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How to Use the ADEA CRC

How can the ADEA CRC be used in teaching and learning?

There is no shortage of ideas, concepts, or facts to teach. In today's educational environment, there's more need for assistance with presenting information in a meaningful, accessible way. Among the best resources are images, case studies, and original sources. The ADEA CRC collects all of these within the context of critical topics in dental education. The ADEA CRC's goal is to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning by providing high-quality learning materials that can be easily incorporated into faculty-developed courses.

Why was the ADEA CRC created?

In the past, ADEA has created educational modules as CD-ROMs and booklets. As an online tool, the ADEA CRC is more flexible, reproducible, and scalable. It better meets the changing needs and technology use of faculty and students. ADEA will continue to work with complementary educational endeavors such as MedEdPORTAL.

What should I do first? 

Just log in and explore! A small number of dental educators have previewed the ADEA CRC. Their comments ranged from "this is an incredible concept" and "it's easy to navigate and user friendly" to "I was really blown away by the number of references that support the curriculum." Join them and see how the ADEA CRC can improve teaching and learning for you.

Accessing the ADEA CRC

How do I log in?

Go to and follow the link to "access ADEA Curriculum Resource Center." You will be directed to a welcome page. Currently the blue login button is not active for students. Click the login button to enter your regular ADEA username and password.

Will I need to pay to use content?

No. As a new kind of online resource, the ADEA CRC is the first step toward realizing a vision for member service that accommodates the changing needs and technology use of faculty and students.

When will the student section of the ADEA CRC be available?

The student section of the ADEA CRC is currently in the planning process. Exact timing has not yet been determined.

When will course assignments be available?

The course assignment section of the ADEA CRC is currently in the planning process. Exact timing has not yet been determined.

When will additional curriculum guides be available?

Building additional curriculum guides is an ongoing process. An announcement will be sent out to all ADEA members when a new guide is uploaded to the ADEA CRC. If you have a specific subject area need, please let us know by emailing

Does the ADEA CRC support those using assistive technology?

The ADEA CRC does not currently support assistive technology, though it may work to varying degrees. Please let us know if this is important to you by emailing

Is there a bug list? How do I report bugs?

While we monitor issues internally, your feedback helps us understand problems from your perspective. Please let us know if something isn't working for you by emailing or calling 202-289-7201 ext 195.

Course Content

Has all course content been reviewed and verified?

Yes. All course content is selected, reviewed, verified, and approved by a group of experts who volunteered their time for the benefit of fellow ADEA members.

How is the advisory committee selected?

The advisory committee is selected by ADEA in accordance with ADEA's written selection process.

Are there any copyright restrictions on course content?

No. There are no restrictions on the use of the ADEA CRC materials for teaching and learning. Use of ADEA CRC materials for commercial or promotional purposes, however, is explicitly forbidden.

How will I know when new content is posted or content is updated?

Minor content updates or additions will happen on an on going basis. For major developments, read ADEA's Bulletin of Dental Education Online and the ADEA's Member News e-newsletter regularly, or visit the ADEA Curriculum Resource Center home on the ADEA website . News will be announced in those locations first.

If I have questions about or want to suggest changes to content, who can I tell?

Your input helps us stay up-to-date with what is happening in institutions today and understand what is most useful in teaching and learning. Please share your ideas by emailing

Does the ADEA CRC accept submissions? Can I share teaching resources, especially those not appropriate for MedEdPORTAL?

We continue to develop new curriculum guides and content for the ADEA CRC, but there are no specific plans to implement file-sharing within the ADEA CRC at this time. Please hold on to your submissions for now. However, we would like to hear your ideas for future development. Email them to

Can ADEA help me put together a presentation from the ADEA CRC?

Part of the vision for the ADEA CRC is that each ADEA member will use it differently, based on his or her unique needs and interests. Because of the individualized nature of each solution, ADEA staff are unable to assemble a specific presentation or project using the ADEA CRC, either with or for you. Of course, if you have difficulty accessing, downloading, or printing materials, or if you have questions about the materials, don't hesitate to contact us at or 202-289-7201 ext 195.


Where are live links to references that I can follow?

You can explore the scholarly resources that ADEA CRC content is based on by going to any "references" subsection. Each reference has a "view abstract" button. Click the button to view any available abstract and print it or save it to your clipboard.

The "view full article" opens a new window with the PubMed abstract and more resources, including links to the full text of the article and to related articles. Note that you will likely need additional institutional or personal access beyond the ADEA CRC to reach the full text of articles.

What are the steps for saving to my clipboard?

When you click the "add to clipboard" button, a message ending "added to clipboard" will appear, either in a dialog box or at the top left of your screen. The content will stay on your clipboard until you access it.

How do I access my clipboard?

Under the main navigation tabs and at the top right of your screen, there is a sub menu with the options "clipboard," "return to ADEA CRC home," and "log out." Click "clipboard."

A list of items you have previously added to your clipboard will appear, along with buttons for the format(s) available for each item. Click the button for the desired format and proceed.

How do I download a PDF file from my clipboard to my computer?

From the clipboard and under the heading PDF, click the button that says "download." Once the PDF has opened on your screen, either choose "File > Save as" or the "Save" icon in the toolbar (which looks the same as the Microsoft Office "Save" icon, a 3.5-inch diskette).

Be sure to select the correct location on your computer to save to before you click the "save" button in the final dialog box.

What are the steps for printing?

Some materials (such as PDFs) will download to the applications already active on your computer, so you can use those application's controls to print.

Other materials print from within the ADEA CRC. When you click the "print this page" button, a new window will open with a print-compatible version of the content, and a dialog box will permit you to select and print to a printer connected to your computer. After printing, you may close the new window or just return to the ADEA CRC page where you started.

How do I search within a curriculum guide?

Each curriculum guide has a main page with an outline of its primary topics. These topics also appear as a left-hand navigation bar on all pages of the curriculum guide. Use them to navigate to the topics of interest to you.

How do I search within a specific section (image gallery, check reference library, global glossary, case studies, student handouts)?

The first page of each of these sections has drop down menus that allow you to search by various parameters relevant to that section. Examples are search by keyword, topic, format, demographic, or condition.

Can I search across the entire ADEA CRC?

We currently do not have a global search feature on the ADEA CRC, as most queries will be specific to a single curriculum guide.

Is there a user manual?

Yes, a user manual will be available in the near future. If you have immediate questions, please email or call 202-289-7201 ext 195.


What is the best browser to use with the ADEA CRC?

If you experience difficulties in viewing the site, check whether you have the most recent version of Microsoft Internet ExplorerSafariGoogle Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox installed.

It seems to take a while for the ADEA CRC or a file within the ADEA CRC to load; can I speed it up?

We are continually working to improve the speed of the ADEA CRC. Individual results depend on computer settings and Internet connection speeds. In addition, the more that is included in a search, the longer the ADEA CRC will need to generate results or provide a file. If the ADEA CRC still performs more slowly than you'd like, please let us know at or 202-289-7201 ext 195.