ADEA CCI Resources

Beyond the Crossroads: Change and Innovation in Dental Education

A major component of ADEA CCI’s work has been the development of a series of commissioned papers published in the Journal of Dental Education from 2005 to 2009. All 22 papers in the series appear in Beyond the Crossroads.

Competencies for the New General Dentist

“Competencies for the New General Dentist” constructs the competencies for a new general dentist as an interdisciplinary model with thematic units rather than as discipline-specific courses and identifies foundation knowledge for each competency as well as the knowledge that should be a prerequisite to admission to dental school.

Critical Thinking Skills Toolbox

Dental education has a longstanding history of telling and showing students what they need to know. Today's students may not receive the type of instruction that allows them to transform learning and make it their own. Learning how to teach students to use critical thinking skills requires fundamental shifts in beliefs about and planning for teaching. Some dental educators ask, "What does critical thinking look like in the clinic? In the classroom? How do I successfully teach students to use critical thinking skills when they don't read before class or attend class regularly?" This toolkit is designed to begin answering those questions.

Dental Student Assessment Toolbox

This Dental Student Assessment Toolbox was created to assist dental educators with the critical yet challenging task of determining the optimal methods for assessing students’ progression toward and ultimate attainment of the competencies designated as necessary for the entry-level practice of general dentistry.