ADEA CCI Campus Liaisons

ADEA CCI Liaisons are a special group of faculty appointed by their deans to be an agent of change both within their institution and the larger dental education community. Liaisons were appointed because of their eagerness to embrace change and innovation in various aspects of curriculum and pedagogy. The ADEA CCI believes that by including these educational leaders in the change process and providing numerous professional development opportunities and resources, dental schools will have the support and foundational knowledge to foster change and innovation. View the roster of Liaisons listed by state and institution. 

To achieve these goals, ADEA CCI Liaisons network with each other and participate in specialized professional development opportunities to inform their own teaching while building capacity at their own institution. With this in mind, ADEA CCI Liaisons have special responsibilities that include:

  1. Actively participating in projects that build institutional capacity and advance the goals of ADEA CCI.
    1. Develop and work on projects that will improve curriculum, teaching, and learning at their institution.
    2. Work with other Liaisons on projects and share resources with colleagues and others within the dental education community.
    3. Attend ADEA CCI Liaison meetings.
    4. Assist and participate in occasional survey efforts by ADEA CCI to better understand current issues in dental education.
  2. Share with other faculty, administrators, and staff at their school.
    1. Discuss with others the goals and progress of their special project and the projects of other Liaison teams.
    2. Help make others at their school aware of the ADEA CCI resources that are available to all educators.
    3. Share with others the lessons learned as an ADEA CCI Liaison.