ADEA Staff Directory


Ext. Name Title Email
107 Dr. Richard W. Valachovic President and CEO
147 Virginia M. Bader Chief of Staff
163 Julie Boynton Senior Vice President for HR
110 Alex Gonzalez Administrative Assistant 
182 Linda D. Mabrey Program Manager
186  Monique E. Morgan Senior Manager for Governance  
117 Dr. Leo E. Rouse Senior Scholar in Residence
166 Dr. Jeanne Craig Sinkford Senior Scholar in Residence
131 Suyapa Velasquez Senior Human Resources Manager


Ext. Name Title Email
165 Yvonne Knight Chief Advocacy Officer
155 Jennifer Brown Director of State Relations
162 Ryne Chua Program Manager for Advocacy and Governmental Relations
156 B. Timothy Leeth Senior Director for Federal Relations
197 Christina McWilson Thomas Director for Government Affairs


Ext. Name Title Email
554 Tracy Beale  Membership Associate
172 Kellie Bove Director of Marketing and Communications
194 Stephenie Brooks-Maynard Director of Membership
119 Sarah Burstyn JDE Project Manager
142 Laura Iverson Senior Publications Manager and Writer
144 Samantha Johnson Marketing Associate
173 Susan Kimner Director of Publishing  
127 Monica Klem Senior Digital Communications Manager
113 Alex Prescott Publications and Membership Manager
146 Nancy R. Lang Senior Publications Manager and Copy Editor
141 Kamilah Spratt Recruitment Marketing Manager


Ext. Name Title Email
198 Chris Carr Chief Financial Officer
178 Ryan Bannister Director of Specialized Application Services
183 Dr. Carolyn Booker Senior Vice President for Educational Pathways
176 Shannon Dixon Facilities Associate 
103 Kevin Hawkins Operations Services Associate
184 Chonté James Director of AADSAS
101 Savannah John Director of Development, ADEAGies Foundation
190 Yolanda R. Jones Senior Manager of Advanced Dental Education Programs–PASS
161 Oliver B. Murdock Jr. Senior Administrative Associate
109 Leslie J. Payne Senior Administrative Associate
108  Elizabeth Reitz Director of Recruitment for ADEA Application Services  
189 Emily Rhineberger Senior Director of Application Services
196 Simone Smith Senior Manager for Corporate Relations


Ext. Name Title Email
105 Satyan Ramanna Team Leader for Information Technology
115 Sean Carter Senior Application Manager
102 Reginald Hackett Technical Support Associate
191 Carolyn Vincent Director of Online Strategy and Web Development 


Meetings, Conferences and Educational Technology; Professional Development

Ext. Name Title Email
169 Dr. Anthony Palatta Chief Learning Officer
168 Cassandra Allen Program Associate
 122  Donna Arrington Casimier  Meetings Manager
136 Krisa Haggins Senior Vice President of Meetings, Conferences and Education Technology
180  Dr. Diane Hoelscher Senior Vice President for Professional Development
181 Audra Franks Senior Director for Meetings
133 Nirah Forman Meetings Manager
177 Shalonda M. King Registration Manager
185 Renée Latimer Senior Manager for Meetings Technology
188 Eric T. Lund Professional Development Manager
151 Dr. Jeffery Stewart Senior Director, Institutional Innovation and Development
139  Masresha Tadesse  Meetings Manager
154 McKayla Theisen Senior Manager for Professional Development


Ext. Name Title Email
153 Dr. Denice Stewart Chief Policy Officer

Access, Diversity, and Inclusion Portfolio
167 Sonja Harrison Director of Program Services
179 Dr. Mark A. López Senior Director

Educational Research and Analysis Portfolio
175 Dr. Bryan J. Cook Senior Vice President for Educational Research and Analysis
150 Dr. Ryan Bodanyi Research Manager
116 Franc Slapar Director of Research