2010 Behavioral Sciences Annual Report

Section/SIG Activities
Summary of activities and projects of Behavioral Sciences Section during the past year.

  1. Section/SIG activities: section officers reviewed a draft document on Foundation Knowledge and provided input regarding the behavioral sciences.
  2. Meetings/Programs
  • 2010 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition: co-sponsored, with Council of Faculties and Sections on Student Affairs and Financial Aid; Biochemistry, Nutrition and Microbiology; and Dental Schools Admissions Officers program on Eating Disorders: Implications for Clinicians and Dental Educators. It began with a first-hand account of bulimia by a dental student, followed by an overview of psychological and oral health considerations of eating disorders. Discussion focused on what dental school faculty, and particularly dental school counselors, might do for students with eating disorders. Over 70 people attended the session.
  • Members' Forum: Stuart Schrader (Indiana University) was selected Secretary and Elaine Davis (University at Buffalo) was re-elected councilor.
  • Regional Meetings: n/a
  • National Meetings: n/a
  • Newsletter: electronic newsletter was produced and distributed to the listserv in December 2009 and February 2010
  • Project Pool Submission: n/a

Membership and Attendance

  1. Total membership for the Behavioral Sciences section as of 2010 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition: 475 (an increase of 32 from 2009)
  2. Total attendance at the 2010 section Program and Members' Forum: over 70 individuals attended the section program on eating disorders; 15 attended the Members' Forum.

Additional Comments/Suggestions to the Council of Sections Administrative Board
In this section, provide feedback, concerns, comments, and suggestions to the ADEA COS Administrative Board that you would like to have addressed: n/a