ADEA Policy Research Advisory Committee

2013-14 Committee Members

PRAC 9-13

From left to right: Charles Alexander, Valerie Murrah, Huw Thomas, Marilyn Lantz Pam Hughes, Edmond R. Hewlett (Sharon Fries-Britt is not pictured)


Marilyn S. Lantz (Chair), D.M.D., M.S.D., Ph.D.
Department of Prevention and Geriatrics
University of Michigan School of Dentistry


Charles Alexander, Ph.D., M.A.
Associate Vice Provost for Student Diversity &
Director, Academic Advancement Program
University of California, Los Angeles  

Sharon L. Fries-Britt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Education Leadership
University of Maryland College of Education  


Edmond R. Hewlett, D.D.S.
Professor and Vice-Chair
Division of Restorative Dentistry &
Director, Knowledge Management
University of California, Los Angeles School of Dentistry


2013-14 ADEA Board Members


Council of Hospital Advanced Education Programs
Pam Hughes, D.D.S.,
Associate Professor
Advanced Training Program Director
Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Department of Developmental and Surgical Sciences
University of Minnesota


Council of Faculties
Valerie Murrah, D.M.D., M.S.
Professor and Chair
Department of Diagnostic Sciences and General Dentistry
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
School of Dentistry


Council of Deans
Huw Thomas, B.D.S., M.S., Ph.D.,
Tufts University
School of Dental Medecine


To communicate policy suggestions or comments for the advsiory committee, please contact:

Gwen E. Garrison, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President for Educational Research and Analysis
1400 K Street NW, Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20005