About the ADEA Corporate Council

The Corporate Council consists of the official representative of each Corporate Member. The Corporate Council has five Officers: a Chair, Chair-elect, Secretary, Member-at-Large, and a Board Director (ex officio). An individual must be a member of the Corporate Council to be eligible for a Corporate Council position

Corporate Council Administrative Board members are elected at the Council’s meeting at the Annual Session & Exhibition. As directed by the Bylaws, the method of voting is left to the discretion of the Council Chair. All Corporate Council Officers are installed at the Council’s meeting at the Annual Session & Exhibition unless a quorum is not achieved. In that case an electronic ballot after the Annual Session & Exhibition will be issued.

An individual may not hold two or more Corporate Council offices simultaneously. Corporate Council Officers may not send alternates to attend meetings in their place, except that Council Administrative Board members unable to attend a House of Delegates meeting may appoint alternates to represent them. Such alternates must be members of the Corporate Council.


The primary purpose of the Corporate Council is to represent the Corporate Members within the Association.


  • Increase understanding between Corporate Members and other ADEA members
  • Maintain strong base of corporate membership
  • Identify and support programs of interest to the entire ADEA community
  • Apprise Corporate Members of relevant Association activities
  • Establish criteria for, and advise the Board of Directors on, the approval of applications for corporate membership
  • Exchange information among its members, with other component groups of the Association, and among the Association's Member Institutions
  • Serve in a liaison role between the corporate and academic members of the Association
  • Impart Corporate Members' knowledge to other Association members
  • Work with other component groups of the Association to encourage coordinated approaches to dental and allied dental education and care delivery
  • Identify projects, studies, and reports that will benefit the Council's or the Association's membership and provide consultation on those projects, studies, and reports
  • Introduce appropriate resolutions to the Board of Directors and House of Delegates


  • Corporate Council collectively supports the Annual Session & Exhibition Opening Plenary
  • Increase corporate membership
  • Increase corporate involvement in educational programming at the Annual Session & Exhibition and, when appropriate, other ADEA meetings


Spring: Meeting at the Annual Session & Exhibition
Fall: Interim meeting at the annual meeting of the American Dental Association
Winter: Administrative Board meeting in Washington, DC