Orientation for New Council Members

Introduction to ADEA's Governing Process
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Acronyms Commonly Used in ADEA Publications
ADEA ADCFP - ADEA Academic Careers Fellowship Program
ADEA ADC - ADEA/W.K. Kellogg Foundation Access to Dental Careers
ADEA ADCN - ADEA Academic Careers Dental Network
ADE - advanced dental education (a synonym for postdoctoral education)
ADEAassist - ADEA effort for disaster relief and community service
ADEA ADFLDP - ADEA Allied Dental Faculty Leadership Development Program
ADEA ADPDC - ADEA Allied Dental Program Directors Conference
ADEA CADPD - ADEA Council of Allied Dental Program Directors
ADEA CCI - ADEA Commission on Change and innovation in Dental Education
CODA - Commission on Dental Accreditation
ADEA DHTFP - ADEA Dental Hygiene Teaching Fellowship Program