Best Practices

The following are presentation sypnoses from the June, 2007 ADEA Allied Dental Program Directors Conference.

Broward Community College's "One Plus One" Dental Hygiene Program
Presented by:
Joyce Abraham, CDA, RDH, B.A.

A Successful DA-DH Bridge Program
Presented by:
Cynthia R. Biron, RDH, EMT, MA

An Innovative Community Outreach Model: An Educational Approach That Expands Opportunities and Targets Access to Oral Health Care Needs
Presented by:
Colleen M. Brickle RDH, RF, EdD

La Sonrisa Brillante
Presented by:
Laura Grant Justice, RDH, MSED

A Four Institutional Partnership offering a Dental Hygiene Degree Program
Presented by:
Bonnie J. Craig, Dip. D.H., M.Ed., RDH

Distance Dental Hygiene
Presented by:
Susan H. Forsyth, RDH, BS, MS