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The ADEA Section and Special Interest Group (SIG) Listservs are designed to facilitate communication among all subscribers in an electronic form. The lists may be used to inform group members about non-critical events and issues pertaining to the group.

The Listserv may not be used to advertise job openings, recruitment for business or any commercial advertising. If you are interested in advertising any of the previously mentioned items, you may contact our advertising representative, Tima Good, at (717) 505-9701 x182 or

For the life of the Listserv, it is understood that the posted opinion is the originators only and does not represent the policy, philosophy or practice of ADEA or its various sections. ADEA does not endorse any mentioned products or services, nor is ADEA responsible for inaccuracies in posted information.


Once you have joined an ADEA Section or SIG, you are automatically opted in to the respective Listserv for the group.

You will remain on the Listserv until you have opted out. To opt out, you must login to your ADEA member profile and update your contact preferences.

If your ADEA membership lapses, you will not be able to send or receive messages to the Listserv(s) you have subscribed to. You must first renew your ADEA membership to begin to send and receive messages again. All previous settings will be reinstated.

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How to Subscribe to an ADEA Section or SIG Listserv

  1. Go to
  2. Go to => Login
  3. Click MyADEA (upper right corner after login)
  4. Click Profile Information link
  5. Click => Manage My Account menu
  6. Manage My Sections & SIGs
    1. Update Sections & SIGs
    2. Specify your contact preferences (Listservs)
    3. Click the boxes on right
    4. Don’t forget to save (at bottom of screen)

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How to Post Messages

Type the listserv address in the “TO” field of an email. Include the topic of the message in the subject field. After composing your message, click “send” and the Listserv will distribute the message to all Listserv members.

View the list of ADEA Section and SIG listserv addresses.

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Responding to Messages Posted

To respond to a message that has been posted, create and send a new message directly to the author of the message using his or her private e-mail address. If you want everyone on the list to have your response, then send it through the Listserv e-mail address above.

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Message Signature

To help the members on the list know who has sent a message, every message should include your name, address, telephone and e-mail addresses.

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Suggested Topics for the Listserv

Messages can include changes in contact information; changes in officers or resources; information about ADEA-related meetings, programs and projects; ideas for programs and project planning; alerts from ADEA on important developments at ADEA, Congress or other organizations; requests for information or leads on a particular topic or for a particular purpose.

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Messages can be informal and even lighthearted. Avoid jokes, sarcasm, profanity and similar violations of “e-mail etiquette.” Aim for a concise, focused message. Summarize lengthy material and invite subscribers to contact you for the complete items. Avoid personal exchanges and promotion of commercial products and services.

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Inquiries may be directed to Sean Carter.

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