ADEA Section and SIG Operations

ADEA members can join a Section or Special Interest Group (SIG) by:

  • Logging into the website, selecting "Manage My Account."
  • On the following page, selecting "Specify Your Communications Preferences."
  • Then, checking the box next to any of Sections or SIGs listed.

Once you have joined a Section or SIG, you are automatically opted in to the respective Listserv for the group. You will remain on the Listserv until you have opted out or your ADEA membership expires.  

Learn more about ADEA's Listserv lists

Download the ADEA COS Annual Report Template.PDF  

Annual reports give the details of the Section or SIG’s activities and projects during the previous year and its plans for the next year and allow the Section or SIG to provide feedback to the ADEA COS Administrative Board. 

The report must be submitted by July 1. Section councilors or SIG chairs are responsible for posting the annual report and meeting minutes to their respective Listservs.

The Administrative Board uses the annual report for its annual evaluation of each Section and SIG, as well as for the selection process for the ADEA Council of Sections Thomas F. Nowlin Award for Best Performance by a Section. 

Each year, the activities and communications of the Sections and SIGs are assessed by the ADEA COS Administrative Board to confirm their continuity, vitality, improvement and collaboration, and to encourage the alignment of their work with ADEA’s strategic directions. 

This assessment begins following the submission of each Section and SIG’s annual report; the period of evaluation is from Annual Session to Annual Session.

Each year, a Section elects a new secretary. Every third year, it elects someone to the office of councilor.

  1. In December, the nominating committee (consisting of the chair-elect and two members who are not officers) will issue a Call for Nominations listing the minimum candidate requirements 
    • Individual membership in ADEA.
    • Current membership in the Section or SIG for which the position is being advertised.
    • The ability to effectively represent the section or SIG as demonstrated by involvement in its mission and goals, attendance and participation at the ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition and Fall Meetings and understanding of the relevant issues.
    Candidates may be self-nominated.
  2. All candidates must submit a letter of intent (no longer than one page) and an abbreviated C.V. to the nominating committee.
  3. The nominating committee reviews all applications to ensure that all candidates are qualified.
  4. The nominating committee announces the names of all qualified candidates to the section membership via email and includes messages from the candidates.
  5. At the ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition in March, the nominating committee conducts a ballot at the Section or SIG’s business meeting. Additional nominations may come from the floor at the meeting. Members must be present to vote.

Following each year’s elections, each Section and SIG should complete the Officer Update FormWord and submit it to Monique Morman at