Nomination Process for Section and SIG Officers

Nominating Committee – Consists of Chair-Elect and two Section members who are not officers.

The Process:

  1. Nominating committee will issue a Call for Nominees in the month of December preceding the Annual Session in March.
  2. Nominating Committee nominates one or more individuals for the office of secretary (every third year for officer of councilor). Additional nominations may come from the floor at the Section Annual Session business meeting.
  3. Candidates may either self-nominate or be nominated by the Nominating Committee or section member.
  4. All candidates, whether self-nominated or nominated by another body, must submit a letter of intent (one page maximum), an abbreviated C.V. to the Nominating Committee via email, no later than 1st week of January (council can specify a date).
  5. All applications will be reviewed and vetted by the Nominating Committee. The purpose of the vetting process is to ensure that the candidates meet the qualifications and to recommend qualified candidates for the section membership consideration and selection. The Nominating Committee is asked to forward the name of at least three (3) qualified candidates for consideration by the section membership.
  6. The Nominating Committee will announce the names of all candidates to the section membership via email along with a message from the nominated candidates.
  7. The Nominating Committee will conduct a ballot among all section members attending the section business meeting at the Annual Session. Members must be present to vote.

General Requirements for all Candidates

All candidates must meet the following general requirements:

  • Individual membership in ADEA;
  • Current member of the section in which nominated for a position; and
  • The ability to effectively represent the section as demonstrated by involvement in the sections’ mission and goals, attendance at the meetings, understanding of the issues, etc.

*See ADEA Bylaws for specific candidate requirements. For questions contact Monique Morgan, ADEA Staff Liaison to the Council of Sections at or 202-289-7201 x186.