Proposal Protocol

Applicants should follow this outline when preparing their proposals:

Title Page (s)

  • Title of the Project
  • Section(s) or SIG(s) submitting or supporting application
  • Dollar amount of confirmed sponsorship
  • Name and contact information for the principal project director and all associate project directors

Biographical Sketches for Each Project Investigator

These sketches should follow the NIH biographical sketch format and be no more than two pages each

Background Statement

Include substantive information that will help the reviewers understand the project as related to the stated need and goals; ADEA Mission, Core Values, and Strategic Directions; and the goals/objectives of the Section/SIG(s) submitting the proposal. Make the statement brief, but with sufficient detail regarding the issues to be addressed.

Purpose of the Project

Explain why the project should be initiated and the proposed use of the resulting information. This explanation should include the objectives of the project and a succinct description of expected outcomes.

Duration of the Project

Indicate the date by which the work can be initiated and the date by which it should be completed. Include the total time required for conduct of the project. Projects that can be completed in a reasonable time frame may receive preference.

Conduct of the Project

Describe the project methodology in adequate detail. If you are proposing a survey, attach a draft of the instrument or protocol. Include a timetable of tasks to be performed and the individual(s) responsible for them. Describe the plan for statistical analysis of data. Indicate how the project will be evaluated. If the proposal is for a joint project with other Sections or SIGs, designate the proposed relationship and assignment of responsibility.


Include a line-item budget that includes all anticipated expenditures. Budget requests should be believable and well justified. Project directors' salaries may not be included; however, technical, clerical, and administrative support staff maybe included as long as they are directly tied to the project. In some instances, consultants for such activities as survey design and analysis may be funded. Equipment is not generally funded, but direct expenses such as paper, printing, and postage are allowed.Travel will only be funded in very rare instances and never to travel to an ADEA event.

Also include a brief statement justifying the need for Project Pool funds to supplement Section/SIG funds and reporting current fund balances for all Sections/SIGs involved and the amount of Section/SIG funds to be spent along with the requested Project Pool funds.

If a project is being cosponsored by an ADEA Section(s) or Special Interest Group(s), a letter of support from each group confirming the amount must be submitted along with the proposal and application.


IMPORTANT NOTE: All Project Pool funds must be used for the stated conduct of the project. ADEA awards do not include monies for overhead and indirect costs. Requests for funding for travel, symposia, and workshops will normally        not be considered unless they can be justified for dissemination purposes.