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Application and Selection Process

Who May Apply?

ADEA Sections and SIGS may apply for funding. Other ADEA Councils and individual members may also apply, as long as they obtain co-sponsorship of a Section or SIG.

What Makes An Application Competitive?

Although Section/SIG-specific activities may be funded, proposal that involve multiple sponsors will be more favorably considered. Sections /SIGS are required to contribute funds from their budgets to the project budget; a minimum of 10 % of the Section/SIG budget up to 10% of the total project budget is recommended. For all proposals, the project's Principal Investigator should obtain a letter specifying this support from the appropriate Section Councilors.

Beyond these requirements, the most competitive applications will:

  1. Demonstrate responsiveness to the ADEA Mission, Core Values, and Strategic Directions (see appendix)
  2. Significantly benefit ADEA and the Council of Sections;
  3. Outline a specific definable project with appropriate methodology and measurable outcomes;
  4. Be feasible in time, personnel, and budget;
  5. Identify any potential sources for leveraging of funding.

Application Process

To apply, prepare a proposal and application following the protocol described below and submit it to Ms. Monique Morgan, Staff Liaison to theADEA Council of Sections at The deadlines are February 1 and September 1 of each year. However, if a project can be shown to have a time factor that requires a decision between those dates, the proposal may be considered outside the normal time frame. A decision to consider an application outside the normal time frame is at the discretion of the Project Pool Chair.

Selection Process

The Project Pool Committee reviews all submitted proposals and recommends the projects to be funded to the ADEA Council of Sections Administrative Board. September applicants are notified of the board's decision in November, and February applicants are notified in April. After the decision is announced, the principal project director will receive the funds to conduct the project; for joint projects with multiple Sections or SIGs, only the principal project director is authorized to expend funds.


Final reports will be required for all funded projects. For multi-year projects, annual reports on progress and expenditures are also required. At the end of the project, any unexpended funds must be returned to the Project Pool.