Funding Disbursement

All presenters will be reimbursed for approved expenses after the completion of their speaking engagement. To complete the execution of funding for your presenter, the following documentation is due to ADEA within 10 days after the meeting.

  • COS Program Fund approval letter
  • COS Program Fund approved budget
  • ADEA approved expense reimbursement form
  • Completed and signed by the approved program presenter
  • All claimed expenses must be accompanied by receipts and may not exceed the specified amounts in the guidelines
  • Submit all completed reimbursement form to the Staff Liaison to the ADEA Council of Sections

Scanned copies of the reimbursement form and receipts are accepted. Please ensure the total expenses do not exceed your approved funding amount. Reimbursement of expenses may take up to four weeks for processing.

*Funds may not be reallocated to another line item in the budget if it has not been maximized.

Contact the Staff Liaison to the ADEA Council of Sections to receive the appropriate reimbursement forms.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All program funds must be used for the stated conduct of the program.