Application and Selection Process

Who May Apply?

The designated Program Coordinator for ADEA Sections and SIGS may apply for funding of a program to be held at the ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition. Other ADEA Councils, individual ADEA members or individual members of a Section or SIG are not eligible to apply.

A Section or SIG that has received an award from the ADEA COS Program Fund within three years is not eligible to apply. This includes sections and SIGs that apply as part of collaborations.

What Makes an Application Competitive?

Proposals that involve multiple sections and SIGs will be more favorably considered. Applications will be reviewed using the same criteria of the ADEA Annual Session Program Committee. You may review the rubric located on the ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition Call for Programs site.

If your application is approved by the Program Fund Committee, it does not automatically approve your program for the ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition. Funding is contingent on acceptance of the submitted program by the ADEA Annual Session Program Committee (ADEA ASPC).

Each application will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:

  • The potential impact of the program on dental education
  • The relevance of the program to the theme or professional development goals of the ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition
  • Relevance to the ADEA Strategic Directions
  • Collaboration with other ADEA Sections, SIGs, and Councils
  • Scientific evidence and merit of the proposed program
  • The credentials of the proposed speakers/presenters for the proposed program

Application Process

To apply, complete and submit an application no later than the designated deadline date. Submit applications to the ADEA Council of Sections Administrative Board and copy the Staff Liaison to the ADEA Council of Sections. Late applications will not be considered.

Submitters who previously received funding from the ADEA COS Program Fund is ineligible to apply in a consecutive year.

As this will be a competitive process it is urged to ensure your application is fully completed upon submission, the program abstract is well thought out, clearly written, and error-free.

Review and Selection Process

The Program Fund Committee conducts a review of all submitted applications. After a review, the committee will select and forward notifications of acceptance or declination to the designated Section/SIG Program Coordinator. All Section/SIG Program Coordinators will receive a notification no later than one week prior to the ADEA Call for Programs deadline date.

The program abstract provided in the Program Fund application must be the same as the ADEA Call for Program submission. Acceptance or denial for the ADEA COS Program Fund does not affect the outcome of your program proposal to the ADEA Call for Programs.

All programs receiving the minimum weighted average (MWA) of 20 will be reviewed for funding. However, this does not guarantee the program will be receive funding.

There is no limit on the number of proposals that will be considered for funding.