Attendance Policy

Membership in ADEA is required for attendance at this meeting. Registration fees for this conference are determined by the membership status of the institution. In order to apply for an ADEA institutional affiliate membership, the institution must have an allied dental education program, which is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). CODA accredited allied programs housed within a dental school and falling within the administrative structure of the dental school automatically have an active membership. All dental schools in the US are active members of the ADEA.

Program Goals

This annual conference allows administrators of allied dental education programs to discuss areas of mutual concern in a small meeting format and to:

  • provide a forum for the exchange of information on policies and programs that relate to allied dental education administration.
  • stimulate the exchange and dissemination of ideas and information among allied dental program administrators.
  • serve as a mechanism to address specific issues in allied dental education and administration.
  • facilitate communication and networking opportunities among allied dental program administrators.
  • Exchange information about Accreditation Standards and their implementation in preparation for upcoming site visits.


The following programs directors are eligible to attend the Conference:

  • Program director, program coordinator, department chair (that has oversight of a CODA accredited allied program) interim director, coordinator or chair, and co-chair, co-coordinator or co-director (Co-directors, co-coordinators or co-chairs must have this shared responsibility defined by institutional contract.) of CODA accredited allied dental programs,
  • Directors of degree completion and graduate programs in institutions with a CODA- accredited entry-level program,
  • Institutions that have entry-level CODA accredited distance learning sites with specifically identified administrative distance site coordinators,
  • Any director that has retired and no longer holds a faculty appointment or affiliation with an allied dental education program,
  • Former program director that has assumed a different administrative position within the same institution where the CODA accredited program is housed,
  • Program director that has completed an initial accreditation (IA)** site visit by CODA (may register and attend the conference as an affinity member),
  • Newly appointed director whose term does not begin until July or September following the Conference.
  • Program Directors of Advanced Allied Dental Programs that are not eligible for CODA accreditation

The following individuals are NOT eligible to attend the Conference:

  • If the program director cannot attend, he/she may NOT send a substitute.
  • Directors of Programs eligible for CODA accreditation that are NOT accredited

Registration Verification

Individuals handling registration forms will be cross-checking registrant names with the ADA Commission on Dental Accreditation list for program director status. In addition, ADEA membership status will also be checked by ADEA staff. Program Directors that work for multiple schools must register for the ADPDC through the school in which they are serving as Program Director.

* * Initial Accreditation is the accreditation classification granted to any dental, advanced dental or allied dental education program which is in the planning and early stages of development or an intermediate stage of program implementation and not yet fully operational. This accreditation classification provides evidence to educational institutions, licensing bodies, government or other granting agencies that, at the time of initial evaluation(s), the developing education program has the potential for meeting the standards set forth in the requirements for an accredited educational program for the specific occupational area. The classification "initial accreditation" is granted based upon one or more site evaluation visit(s) and until the program is fully operational.