Summary of Working Group Discussions


  • Include expanded definition of women’s health across a lifespan.
  • Support diversity policies with sensitivity training in underaddressed areas (LGBT, URM, etc.).
  • Increase dental and public health student collaborative experiences both in content and training.

Interprofessional Education (IPE)

  • Develop Women’s Health curriculum content. (Survey graduates to determine how IPE content influences professional development and practice).
  • Review content received as dental students to assess what was missing from the content.
  • Support individual school IPE initiatives (surveys, pilot programs) that involve multiple disciplines.


  • Seek gender specific data re: women’s oral health and health outcomes from published peer-reviewed reports.
  • Seek support for institutional and individual school research initiatives such as surveys and training.
  • ADEA should partner with foundations for pilot project funding that support capacity building for major grants.

Future Agenda

  • Integrate women’s health into existing courses and disciplines.
  • Promote the sharing of gender related data within institutions.
  • Incorporate women’s health content diagonally throughout the curriculum.
  • Review CODA standards for gender specific recommendations.
  • ADEA could create an instructional module for use in faculty development and training (CCI or MedEd Portal).