ADEA PASS Important Information

Dental Anesthesia Residency program at Stony Brook Medicine*

The Dental Anesthesia Residency program at Stony Brook Medicine (previously called Stony Brook University Medical Center) is currently combined with a one-year GPR-Medical Track Residency program.

Selected applicants will be offered positions in the Stony Brook University Hospital (SBUH) General Practice Residency Program (GPR626) - Medical Track (GPR) through the Phase I portion of the Match Program. Please see our web site for a more detailed explanation of the Stony Brook Medicine Dental Anesthesiology Residency Program.


ADEA PASS applications should be submitted to the Stony Brook Medicine GPR Program, Code Number: GPR626. Applicants should also e-mail Pamela Burger or Dr. Ralph Epstein (program director) to inform them of your interest in the GPR/Medical Track positions and the Stony Brook Dental Anesthesiology Program.


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