2015 ADEA ADCFP Components

Student (fellow) participants will be expected to develop and complete a final culminating research-oriented project, to be presented at the ADEA Annual Session 2016 in Denver, CO. Students will also have access to several webinars throughout the program regarding teaching and research. The final requirement of the ADEA ADCFP will be their development of a Fellow Portfolio: This portfolio is designed to help participants better understand the academic environment, and to assist with their development as scholars and researchers. The portfolio will include the following components:

  • An Action Plan for the year. This plan will include a brief description of the final culminating research project and a preliminary timeline to complete the project as well as other professional and personal goals the fellow plans to achieve. Each fellow/faculty mentor pair will have latitude in designing their own program in coordination with ADEA and AAL- unique to their institution and student/mentor goals.
  • Career reflection essays (2): Fellows will write a career reflection essay at the start of the Fellowship and at the conclusion. The purpose of the essays is to encourage the Fellows to accomplish four introspective tasks
    • Reflect on why they are interested in an academic career
    • Identify priorities for the professional component of their life
    • Articulate a personal philosophy of teaching based on their experiences in dental /hygiene school
    • Describe their impressions of being a dental /hygiene school faculty member, including motivations and disincentives
  • Faculty Interviews (3) to engage with current clinical and research faculty and learn about the specific paths they took to become faculty members and learn of their personal points of view in regards to pursing an academic career.
  • Semester journal article reviews (2): fellows will read and respond to current literature in regards to increasing dental school faculty.
  • Monthly journal reactions (4): fellows will submit a 4 reaction papers (one page minimum) responding to their experiences in the program as well as their evolving personal points of view regarding academic/research careers in dentistry.
  • Final Culminating Research-Oriented Project: This project will be presented at the Session 2016 in Denver, CO. The project will be developed by the fellow and faculty mentor with assistance and support from ADEA and AAL. Activity should result in the form of a publishable or white paper, or poster.