ADEA DHCAS℠ Checklist

The ADEA Dental Hygiene Centralized Application Service (DHCAS) is the centralized application service for applicants to dental hygiene programs. Whether you wish to become a dental hygienist, or are a licensed hygienist and would like to continue your education, ADEA DHCAS is the place to research programs and apply. Save time and energy by completing one application for multiple programs.

ADEA DHCAS is open from August through June each year. Applicants can only open one application per cycle.

Printable Checklist

Prepare to Apply

◻ Find participating programs and program information on the ADEA DHCAS Search Engine

◻ Write a personal statement

◻ Update accomplishments and professional experiences on a CV/resume

◻ Ask professors and mentors to write a reference letter

◻ Collect pertinent materials like coursework and testing information

◻ Learn about the Fee Assistance Program to determine eligibility

Complete ADEA DHCAS application

◻ Start the application (opens in August)

◻ Submit the online ADEA DHCAS application which includes:

     ▢ Applicant Information

     ▢ Educational Information

     ▢ Testing Information

     ▢ Professional and Volunteer Experiences

     ▢ Personal Statement

     ▢ References

     ▢ Release Statement

     ▢ Designations: programs an applicant wishes to apply to

     ▢ Payment: $95 for the first designation and $45 for each additional designation

◻ Send in all required documents including:

     ▢ All college-level, official transcripts

     ▢ Two references

        • Other accepted documents include:

          ▢ a third reference (optional)

          ▢ high school transcript (entry level applicants only)

Complete all supplemental information

◻ Review the ADEA DHCAS Search Engine to determine what each program requires in addition to the ADEA DHCAS application.


Customer service is available Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET.
Phone Number: 617-612-2095