Professional Evaluations

Applicants are no longer required to submit Professional Evaluation Forms (PEF) to complete their ADEA PASS applications, but there are some circumstances in which it might be desirable to do so. ADEA PASS will process up to two Professional Evaluation Forms (PEF) submitted on your behalf to a program you designate in your application.


Using the electronic evaluations is encouraged as it will expedite the receipt and processing of your PEFs and enable you to assign them promptly to individual programs to which you are applying.


While the electronic format is strongly encouraged, paper Professional Evaluation Forms are also accepted.If an evaluator is submitting a paper Professional Evaluation Form, request that comments be typed, not handwritten.Similarly, if you are submitting paper Professional Evaluation Forms, the request form must accompany the evaluation when submitted to ADEA PASS so your waiver of access preference is available to receiving programs. If the paper option is selected, ADEA PASS cannot be held responsible for the late submission of any of your documents.


You must be sure to assign Professional Evaluations to your selected programs. Evaluations will not be processed if they have not been assigned to a program in the Program Designation section of your ADEA PASS application. Up to two PEFs may be assigned per program; they will be included in your ADEA PASS application and sent to the programs to which you have assigned them.


Please note:

  • Some programs may still require Professional Evaluation Forms (PEF). You will need to check the ADEA PASS Program Search Engine or contact the programs to find out if they require PEFs.
  •  If you have conducted a specific research project or other closely supervised endeavor, a supervisor or colleague may find the Professional Evaluation Form (PEF) to be an appropriate means to describe and comment at length on your experience.
  • If you elect to submit PEFs, you will be limited to assigning no more than two of them to any program you designate to receive your ADEA PASS application.


We encourage you not to ask evaluators to complete a PEF on your behalf if you have already requested that they complete an ETS® PPI evaluation. 

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