Dental School Transcript

Your ADEA PASS application materials will include a copy of your official dental school transcript(s) to each program selected. To request an official transcript, print the Dental School Transcript Request Form.

1. Most postdoctoral programs ask that your third-year grades be posted and figured into the grade point average (GPA) and dental class ranking (if applicable).

2. Request your official dental school transcript(s) early by submitting the completed Dental School Transcript Request Form to your registrar's office at least three weeks in advance of your ADEA PASS application submission.

3. If you attended more than one dental school, submit a request form to each dental school attended.

4. The dental school must attach the Dental School Transcript Request form to the official transcript to ensure that the correct record is received. The omission of the Dental School Transcript Request form may delay the processing of your ADEA PASS application, particularly if you used a different name.

5. It is your responsibility to make sure ADEA PASS receives all official dental school transcripts by the designated deadlines. Monitor the receipt of your transcripts in the "Status" section of your ADEA PASS application.

6. Official dental school transcript(s) may be submitted by you in a sealed and signed envelope or sent directly to ADEA PASS by the dental school registrar. If sent directly to ADEA PASS, it is your responsibility to check the status of the dental school transcript(s) through your ADEA PASS application.

7. If the official dental school transcript is not received, your application will be considered incomplete until the document arrives. As documents arrive, ADEA PASS staff will update the status of your application. To ensure that you meet all ADEA PASS deadlines, you must log in and monitor the status of your application.

8. Envelopes containing official transcripts must be sealed, with the registrar's office seal or signature across the closure

If You Cannot Submit an Official Dental School Transcript

If one of the following statements applies to you and you cannot submit an Institution Evaluation you will be able to submit a request of exception in your application.

  • The U.S. or non-U.S. dental school from which you graduated has closed.
  •  You attended a non-U.S. dental school and cannot obtain this document

The Request for Exception will be processed with the application in lieu of your dental school transcript and distributed electronically to each program you designate.


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