ADEA PASS International Application Instructions

Institution Evaluation Forms for non-U.S. dental schools : The evaluations may be completed on a paper form and sent directly to ADEA PASS by the dean's office.
If sent directly to ADEA PASS, it is the applicant's responsibility to monitor the receipt of the Institution Evaluation Form in your ADEA PASS application. Envelopes containing official documents must be sealed with the dean's or designee's signature across the closure. The dean or designee may use institution envelopes. Faxed documents will not be accepted.
If the dean or designee does not completely fill out the Institution Evaluation Form, it will be considered incomplete.

Non-U.S. Transcripts : Official transcripts of coursework taken at dental institutions outside the United States must be translated into English, evaluated for U.S. equivalence, or both.

  1. Submit your dental school transcripts to one of the evaluation services. ADEA PASS will accept World Education Services or Education Credential Evaluators .
  2. Request a course by course evaluation of your dental school transcript.
  3. Submit the original evaluated transcript to ADEA PASS with the Required Documents or it may be sent by the evaluation service directly to ADEA PASS.
  4. If the original evaluated transcript is not received, your ADEA PASS application will be considered incomplete until the document arrives.

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