Institution Evaluation (IEF)

The Institution Evaluation is to be completed by the dean or designated official of the dental school you are currently attending or from which you graduated. It reports class ranking, GPA, National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) scores, and an overall narrative evaluation of the applicant. ADEA PASS reports NBDE scores and class ranking (if applicable) only if the information has been reported on the Institution Evaluation. ADEA PASS distributes a copy of the completed Institution Evaluation submitted on your behalf to each program you select. All U.S. dental school utilizes the electronic format of the Institution Evaluation. Some international institutions utilize the electronic format. If the dental school you attended is not listed you must submit the paper form.

If one of the following statements applies to you and you cannot submit an Institution Evaluation you will be able to submit a request of exception in your application.

  •  The U.S. or non-U.S. dental school from which you graduated has closed.
  •  You attended a non-U.S. dental school and cannot obtain this document

The Request for Exception will be processed with the application in lieu of your Institution Evaluation and distributed electronically to each program you designate.

Institution Evaluation Forms from previous years will not be accepted by ADEA PASS.

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