Application FAQs

1. Where do I send my documents?
If you are mailing documents using USPS, use the PO Box address below:
      ADEA PASS Process Department
      P.O. Box 9115
      Watertown, MA 02471

If you are sending documents using UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc., use the address below:
      ADEA PASS Processing Department
      C/O Liaison International
      311 Arsenal St, Suite 15
      Watertown, MA 02472

2. I applied last year; how do I reapply?
Application materials from prior applications do not carry over from previous application cycles once that application cycle has closed. Applications created before the start of the current application cycle are no longer active. You must begin a brand new application and resubmit all application materials, including all dental school transcripts, Professional Evaluation Forms,  and Institutional Evaluation Form.

3. Why should I apply?
The key to managing the application process is summed up into two words: Apply Early! If you are applying to a number of programs, you should plan to complete your ADEA PASS application prior to the earliest program deadline among those designations. Remember that applying early, before the deadline for your programs, is to your advantage. It allows for sufficient processing time and distribution of your complete application to programs by their deadlines. Programs generally are pleased to receive applications well before their stated deadlines, as early submission allows more time for evaluation, scheduling interviews and final selection.

4. What is the waiver statement for evaluations?
The Professional Evaluation and the Institution Evaluation forms require you to select a waiver statement. A U.S. Federal Law [P.L. 93-30, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974] protecting education records requires applicants to certain educational programs, including advanced dental education programs, to indicate whether they wish to waive or retain the right to read evaluations submitted on their behalf once they officially enroll in a covered program. If you choose to waive your right of access, you are assuring the evaluator of the permanent confidentiality of comments made on your behalf. If you do not waive your right of access, you may ask to review the evaluation once you are enrolled in the program to which it was submitted.

 - I have waived my right of access to this evaluation.
By waiving your "Right of Access", you do not have the right to read the evaluation once completed by the evaluator.

 - I do not waive my right of access to this evaluation.
By not waiving your "Right of Access", you have the right to read the evaluation once completed by the evaluator.

Note: ADEA PASS does not disclose the content of evaluations to any applicants; this right applies only to programs that receive your evaluations.

5. I've already submitted my application but I want to add additional programs. What do I do?
You may apply to additional programs after your original application has been processed. You may do this by logging into your ADEA PASS application and selecting additional programs in the Program Designations Section. Do not create and submit a second application. ADEA PASS processes Additional Program Designations as soon as they are complete (including all Required Documents). The fee for Additional Program Designations, once your application has been eSubmitted, is $70 for each additional program. Additional Program Designations that are submitted by the program deadline will arrive at the programs on time.

6. What happens if the program that I applied to closes?
Occasionally during the application cycle, a program may become inactive. If this occurs, you will be contacted through your ADEA PASS application and allowed to substitute a program of your choice for the inactive program.

7. What is the Criminal Background Check?
Information on participating programs, fees and detailed information can be found here.

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