ADEA PASS Application Overview

There are two components to the full ADEA PASS application. You must submit both (1) the electronic application and (2) the Required Documents to initiate the processing of your application. ADEA PASS will only process complete applications. Faxed or emailed documents will not be accepted for any of your Required Documents. Your application will not be processed until the processing fee and all required documents have been received by ADEA PASS.

The ADEA PASS application is divided into multiple sections:

  • Biographical Data
  • Background Information
  • Professional Experience
  • Test Scores
  • Awards, Distinctions, Prizes
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Colleges Attended
  • Dental School(s) Attended
  • Advanced Dental Education (Postdoctoral)Program(s) Attended
  • ETS® PPI for ADEA - See below for more information. 
  • Institution Evaluation Form (IEF)
    The evaluation must be completed by the dean or designated official of the dental school the applicant is currently attending or from s/he graduated. It reports class ranking, GPA,National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) scores, and an overall narrative evaluation of the applicant. ADEA PASS reports NBDE scores and class ranking (if applicable) only if the information has been reported on the Institution Evaluation Form.
  • Professional Evaluations (PEF)
    Professional Evaluations (PEF) are optional. A PEF is a traditional recommendation and can be personalized to a program, thus allowing applicants to have multiple letters that can be assigned to different programs within the application.
  • Essay(s)
    Applicants submit one or more essays for the application; additional essays are processed for no additional fee. An essay must be assigned to a particular program, thus allowing applicants to more than one specialty to write essays geared toward each; programs are only able to view the essay assigned to their program. 
  • Program Designations
    Applicants select the programs s/he wishes toapply to. A program, or designation, will receive the complete application after the applicant submits it. 
  • Payment
    Credit Card: ADEA PASS accepts American Express,Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. ADEA PASS will not process your application until authorization is obtained from the card-issuing bank. Denied credit card transactions may result in processing delays and missed deadlines.
  • Money Orders (mail):
    ADEA PASS only accepts money orders payable in U.S. funds. Money orders written incorrectly may result in processing delays and missed deadlines.

After the ADEA PASS application is complete, applicants must submit the required documents including the ETS® PPI report, institution evaluation, PEFs, and dental school transcript(s). Please allow 5-7 business days from the date your documents were received for receipt to be displayed on your online application.  


Required Documents accepted by ADEA PASS include:  

  • Processing Fee (only when paying by money order)
  • One ETS ® PPI for ADEA Report (with 3 to 5 evaluators)
  • Official Institution Evaluation Form
  • Up to 2 Official Professional Evaluations (optional)
  • Official Dental School Transcript(s)


 Required Documents NOT accepted by ADEA PASS include: 

  • Official National Board Dental Examination Score Reports
  • Official TOEFL Score Reports
  • Official GRE Score Reports
  • Undergraduate (non-dental) Transcripts
  • Mark Sheets
  • Birth Certificates
  • Diplomas
  • CV/Resumes
  • Bank/Financial Statements
  • Photograph

Non-accepted materials will be discarded and CANNOT be returned to the applicant. Please note that if a program requires this information, it must be sent directly to the program. Utilize the ADEA PASS Search Engine to learn more.

Monitoring Your Application

As documents arrive, ADEA PASS staff will update the status of your application. To ensure that you meet all program deadlines, you must log in and monitor the status of your application. ADEA PASS is not responsible for contacting applicants regarding missing documents. Please allow 5-7 business days from the date your document were received in the ADEA PASS office for receipt to be displayed in your online application. ADEA PASS is not responsible for late submission of any of your documents. Once materials enter processing, refunds cannot be granted.

Program Deadline

ADEA PASS must receive your completed electronic application, payment, and ALL Required Documents by 11:59 pm (ET) on this date, in order to be considered complete by the program deadline. You are able to submit your application up until 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on the deadline date. Please note that it takes several minutes for a submission to be completed, and times close to deadlines have a high volume of applicants submitting which can cause delays. We strongly advise that you do not wait to e-submit your application.

ADEA PASS will still process your application once it becomes complete, even if it is after the program deadline; however, ADEA PASS cannot guarantee your application will be considered by the programs. If the deadline falls on a holiday, the application, payment, and documents must arrive by close of business on the last business day prior to the holiday.

If you believe your application may be delivered after the program deadline, we strongly recommend that before sending materials to ADEA PASS, you contact any affected program directly to confirm that your late application will be reviewed. ADEA PASS is not responsible for program decisions. Refunds will not be granted when required documents arrive after the program deadline and cause an application to be completed late.

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