April 2009


A Roadmap for Change
Guest Perspective: Reflections on a Roadmap for Change
Campus Spotlight: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Educator Spotlight: Dr. Frank W. Licari


A Roadmap for Change
Dr. Eugene L. Anderson, Associate Executive Director and Director, ADEA Center for Educational Policy and Research

In less than two months, we will gather in San Diego to addresshow we can overcome barriers to bringing about change. While we've all agreed on the importance of moving in new directions, sometimes we are less clear on how to get there from here. We need a roadmap for accomplishing change, and that's one of the resources ADEA CCI is here to provide.

In our Guest Perspective, Dr. Karen F. Novak of the University of Kentucky shares her reflections on the ADEA CCI white papers published in the Journal of Dental Education (JDE) that have attempted to articulate a roadmap for change. In our Faculty Spotlight, we meet the author of one of those articles, Dr. Frank W. Licari of the University of Illinois at Chicago, and find out what it takes to be an agent of change. We also pay a visit to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where the dental school faculty is about to complete its first year implementing a new curriculum that integrates the basic and clinical sciences in ways that are actively engaging students.

Links to JDE articles and to the sites mentioned in this edition's stories are available under Resources. We hope you will find these useful as you create roadmaps for change at your home institutions.


Upcoming Events

June 29""July 1, 2009: ADEA CCI Summer 2009 Liaisons Meeting, San Diego, California

Recent Accomplishments

ADEA CCI Liaisons turned out in force for this year's Annual Session in Phoenix. They received the first copies of our newly released compilation of the ADEA CCI white papers, Beyond the Crossroads: Change and Innovation in Dental Education. The book contains more than 20 articles from the JDE commissioned by ADEA CCI since 2005. To purchase a copy, click on this link.

ADEA CCI also hosted a dinner and two meetings in Phoenix. The first featured Drs. Gene Kramer, John Rugh, and Prof. Bill Hendricson who presented the Dental Student Assessment Toolbox that they developed for ADEA CCI. The toolbox provides dental educators with a variety of techniques for assessing dental student learning.It will be available to members on the ADEA website in the future.

The second meeting focused on fostering change and innovation ina fiscally conservative environment. Scott Pattison, Executive Director of the National Association of State Budget Officers, provided an engaging appraisal of current economic realities from the perspective of the states, and ADEA Director of Legislative Policy Development Monette McKinnon informed the crowd about federal funding that is becoming available in the areas of comparative effectiveness research, health professions education, and health information technology.