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Financing a Dental Education
Paul Garrard
This workshop will help potential dental students understand a) recent and possible changes in financial aid and loans that may impact their ability to finance their dental education, b) how to control the cost of dental school, and c) how to prepare for repayment after they graduate, regardless of career plans.

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Explore Health Careers: Is a Health Care Career Right for You?
Henryne Green Tobias, Ed.M.
This presentation will include information on the demand for health care workers, why you should pursue a health care career and a brief introduction to the career exploration process which will help you decide if a health care career is right for you. A quick overview of EHC’s mission, unique features and article topics will be discussed along with a demonstration of EHC’s three searchable databases: Career Explorer, Find Funding Opportunities and the Health Care Career Enrichment Program.

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Applying to ADEA AADSAS
Chonte James
This presentation will provide great tips on completing your ADEA AADSAS application.

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Why Dentistry?
Carolyn Booker
Dr. Booker shares advice on why college students should consider dentistry as a career.


I Got Into Dental School! What Happens When I Graduate?
Emily Rhineberger
Dentistry offers the option for dental graduates to pursue postdoctoral advanced education programs in nine recognized specialties and advanced general dentistry. Listen in here to learn more about residencies and how to prepare.

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Summer Medical and Dental Education Program: 25 years of success
Bridgette Hudson
The presentation will cover an overview of the SMDEP program, its impact over the past 25 years and success stories


Tips for Preparing for the DAT
Dr. Kathleen J. Hinshaw
The DAT is conducted by the ADA and is designed to measure general academic ability, comprehension of scientific information, and perceptual ability. While all dental schools require the DAT, test results are only one factor in evaluating admission potential. This presentation will provide the latest DAT information directly from ADA staff.


Making your application stand out: Strategic
Emil Chuck
Applicants who participate in this 15-minute presentation will be given suggestions on developing their applications strategically to highlight their strengths and maturing competencies for a future in dentistry. This workshop will include breaks for self-reflection exercises so that the applicant can remain engaged with the presentation.

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Inspire, Inform, Guide - ADEA GoDental.
Samantha Basham
ADEA GoDental is an initiative of the American Dental Education Association that provides students interested in pursuing careers in dentistry and dental hygiene with the information and guidance they need to apply to programs, matriculate and eventually fulfill their career goals. ADEA GoDental aspires to reach students from a variety of backgrounds to supply the dental and dental hygiene workforce needed to meet the evolving oral health needs of a diverse society. The website is a joint initiative involving ADEA, health professions advisors, dental schools and their administrators, current dental students and practitioners.

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What does it take to be a successful dental student?
Herminio Perez
Based on his experiences in the area of academic counseling and mentorship to dental and pre-dental students, Dr. Perez will discuss those characteristics that are essential to succeed as a dental student.

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How to Determine What Dental School is Right for You
Heather Wong
With so many institutions to chose from, how will you find the best fit school for you? We will be going over some of the many factors you need to consider before deciding on your new home for the next four years.

Presentations are subject to change. Please check back periodically for updates.

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ADEA GoDental
9/18/2014 1:35:22 PM

Dental school dean says local clinic is top for students

ADEA GoDental
9/18/2014 11:53:26 AM

RT @adeaweb : RT @dugoni_dental : You chose the right field! #Dentists are no.3 on @USNewsMoney 's 25 Best Jobs of 2014.

ADEA GoDental
9/18/2014 9:59:14 AM

RT @WSUPreHealth : Dental students! Have you heard? ADEA has revamped and relaunched their website: GoDental!

ADEA GoDental
9/18/2014 9:23:13 AM

Why Falling Asleep Without Brushing Your Teeth Is Actually Pretty Darn Gross via @HealthyLiving

ADEA GoDental
9/17/2014 6:05:12 PM

What should you expect in your first few weeks of dental school? Olivia (1st year @ ECU) shares her experience.

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