2018 ADEA PASS Application Instructions

Academic History/Transcripts

This section includes information on undergraduate/graduate colleges attended, dental schools attended and advanced dental education programs attended. The applicant should add each academic credential to only one of these three sections. An exception is the case of a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. If a Bachelor of Dental Surgery was earned, the applicant should add one entry for the B.D.S. under “Undergraduate/Graduate Colleges Attended” and another entry (with the same information) to the “Dental Schools Attended” section. Only official dental school transcripts and unofficial undergraduate transcripts will be accepted. Please note undergraduate transcript are uploaded to the ADEA PASS application and should not be mailed to ADEA PASS. 

Undergraduate/Graduate Colleges Attended

List any undergraduate and graduate colleges attended in this section. Applicants will enter the college, major, GPA, credit hours, degree granted or expected and the dates of attendance. Optional undergraduate transcripts are accepted. Information on uploading undergraduate transcripts is available here.

Dental Schools Attended

To avoid any processing delays, ADEA PASS strongly encourages applicants to complete the “Dental Schools Attended” section of the application first. ADEA PASS cannot post transcripts or foreign evaluations received from an institution until it is listed in this section. 

U.S. Transcripts: Dental school transcripts are required. ADEA PASS prefers that all dental school transcripts be sent directly from the issuing institution to ADEA PASS as original, official documents in hard copy form.

  • For every dental school entered, a transcript request form will be generated. The applicant prints this form and provides it to the register’s office to accompany the dental school transcript. This form enables ADEA PASS to digitally match each dental school transcript to the correct application. Failure to include this form with transcripts may increase the processing time of the documents once they arrive at ADEA PASS.
  • Transcripts must be sent to:

         ADEA PASS Transcripts Processing Department
         P.O. Box 9115 
         Watertown, MA 02471

    Non-U.S. Transcripts: Official transcripts of coursework taken at dental institutions outside the United States must be translated into English, evaluated for U.S. equivalence or both. Applicants should consult the ADEA PASS Search Engine to determine what their programs require to be sent to ADEA PASS. 
  • International dental graduates should submit one of the following: 1.) Official foreign dental school transcript (in English) or 2.) Foreign dental school transcript evaluation or translation. 
  • ADEA recommends that applicants use World Education Services (wes.org) or Educational Credential Evaluators (ece.org). Request a course-by-course evaluation of the dental school transcript. Mark sheets will not be accepted.
  • Submit the original, evaluated transcript to ADEA PASS with the required documents by the evaluation service directly to ADEA PASS. 
  • ADEA PASS does not verify coursework.

If an applicant is unable to submit an official dental school transcript, a request for exception must be submitted with the application.

Electronic Transcripts: Credentials Solutions

ADEA PASS now accepts transcripts through Credentials Solutions. To see if a school participates with this service, please check their website.

If the school does participate proceed to transcriptsplus.net/order.

Please note: ADEA PASS will not accept any other form of electronic transcripts other than transcripts sent from Credentials Solutions. If you do not see your school listed on the credentials solutions website above, you are required to have your official transcript mailed to ADEA PASS. Once your transcript has been requested from Credentials Solutions, it will take seven to 10 business days to post to your application. Utilizing this service will under no circumstance expedite the processing of transcripts. If you do not see your transcript posted to your application within the allotted 10 business days after it was requested, please contact Credentials Solutions directly to confirm the order was completed.

Advanced Dental Education Programs

List any advanced dental education programs completed, or in-progress at the time of application. Applicants can only list programs in the program types provided, and will need to provide the name of the program, the institution and country where it was completed, the level of the program (internship, externship, fellowship, graduate certificate or residency) and the dates of attendance.