University of California, Los Angeles, School of Dentistry

Is ranking calculated? Internal only
Is honors status awarded? Yes

How is honors status granted?

Each course chair has the option of awarding the Honors grade to a maximum of the top 20% of the class.

How is competency in a course determined?

Each course chair determines the expectations and evaluation methods for competency in his/her course and includes this information in the course syllabus. Depending on course type, evaluation methodology may include written examinations, practical examinations, clinical competency examinations, reflection papers and participation in small group discussions.

How is the language in Deans’ letters crafted?

The Institution Evaluation defines the Honors grade to give program directors an appropriate context for reviewing applicant transcripts. In addition, the Institution Evaluation defines the Dean’s Letter for outstanding academic performance in each academic year and identifies students receiving this recognition. Finally, students who are on academic probation are not identified as being in “good academic standing.” The Institution Evaluation also includes a summary of the applicant’s extracurricular and professional development activities and ways in which he/she has explored and demonstrated interest in a specific area. The evaluation concludes with a summary of the applicant’s personal attributes in the context of potential for success in a postgraduate program. 

What else should program directors know?

Letters from individual course chairs, Section/Division chairs or program directors may refer to applicant performance in his/her specific discipline, as they have access to this information. Since letter writers are encouraged to request a transcript from the student requesting a letter of recommendation, they many times have access to all of that student’s Honors/Pass/No Pass information.

For questions, please contact:

Carol A. Bibb, Ph.D., D.D.S.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs