University of California, San Francisco, School of Dentistry

Is ranking calculated? No
Is honors status awarded? Yes

How is honors status granted?

Course directors establish criteria for Honors grades (in years 3 and 4) and letters of commendation (in years 1 and 2). Criteria are listed in course syllabi. Honors/commendations are awarded for individual courses.

How is competency in a course determined?

Criteria for achieving competency are listed in each course syllabus. They include various assessments, including formative, summative and self-assessments. Competency may be determined through written exams, OSCEs, laboratory exams and clinical CEs, along with professionalism evaluations and quarterly faculty assessments of overall performance in the clinic. 

How is the language in Deans’ letters crafted?

Program directors can expect the dean to conclude with a recommendation, such as:

  • Enthusiastically recommend and without reservation,
  • Highly recommend,
  • Recommend, or
  • Request fullest review.

Recommendations are usually supported with phrases like:

  • Outstanding candidate,
  • Outstanding academic record,
  • Demonstrated leadership,
  • Commitment to community service, and
  • Overcome obstacles.

What else should program directors know?

UCSF SOD endeavors to provide honest evaluations that inform the readers of applicants’’ individual academic accomplishments, leadership, community service activities, research contributions and additional efforts to prepare for the rigors of postgraduate training. The information provided reflects each individual’s accomplishments while matriculated at UCSF SOD. 

For questions, please contact:

Dorothy A. Perry, RDH, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Education and Student Affairs