• Leading ConversationsLeading Conversations
    The ADEA Policy Center webinar series Leading Conversations is intended to engage members of the dental education and higher education communities—as well as health care professionals and organizations—on the important issues and trends impacting dental education and oral health. Learn more

  • 5th ADEA International Women's Leadership Conference & ADEA International Workshop5th ADEA International Women's Leadership Conference & ADEA International Workshop
    For the first time ever, ADEA is hosting two great meetings in the amazing city of Barcelona, Spain. The meetings, held over three days, will focus on professional development, leadership strategies, cross-cultural connections, and curricular reform for today’s globally-minded dental education and health research communities. Learn more

  • Moving IPE Forward: The Role for Dental EducationMoving IPE Forward: The Role for Dental Education
    Much has been written lately regarding the substantial and positive impact that collaborative care and practice is currently having on the nations’ health delivery system, and more importantly, on our patients’ overall health.

    But without exposing our health professional students to interprofessional education (IPE) during their formative years, the fruits of collaborative practice known as the “triple aim”: better health outcomes, improved patient experience, and lower overall costs, are difficult to achieve. Learn more

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  • Journal of Dental Education
    The Journal of Dental Education (JDE) is a distinguished monthly journal published by the American Dental Education Association. Since 1936, the JDE has provided coverage of the wide variety of scientific and educational research involved in dental and allied dental education. Learn more

  • Take Advantage of ADEA's Professional Development Opportunities
    Whether you're looking to expand your teaching skills, enhance your leadership abilities, or learn about the latest research, ADEA has a program or resources that will help you meet your professional goals. Learn more

  • Scholarships, Awards and Fellowships for Dental Educators
    ADEA is pleased to offer several new awards for 2014 in support of leadership development, academic advancement, and student research. Learn more

  • ADEA/AAL Faculty of Color Tuition Scholarships for Professional DevelopmentADEA/AAL Faculty of Color Tuition Scholarships for Professional Development
    ADEA and AAL announce the Faculty of Color Tuition Scholarships for Professional Development, which will encourage and foster the development of faculty of color in academic dental careers. Supported by the ADEAGies Foundation and AAL, these scholarships will cover the cost of tuition for selected programs, which will run from August 2013 to December 2014.  Learn more

  • ADEA/Colgate/AAL Institute for Allied Health Educators
    Acquire the skills of a master educator with the ADEA/Colgate/AAL Institute for Allied Health Educators. ADEA/Colgate/AAL IAHE programs are delivered entirely online, to give participants maximum flexibility, convenience, and opportunity to learn. Learn more

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  • Teaching Resources
    Teaching Resources is a compilation of  of resources about teaching, assessment, curriculum design, learning, competency-based education, teaching with technology, and more. Learn more

  • ADEA Online Library
    Data and analysis about dental education, educators, students, and trends. You will find a wealth of reliable information, noteworthy statistics, and quality resources designed to answer your questions about dental education. Learn more

  • ADEA Curriculum Resource CenterADEA Curriculum Resource Center
    ADEA's web portal for timely research and the latest dental educational resources. The ADEA CRC is a collection of high-quality learning materials that can be easily incorporated into faculty-developed courses. It brings together images, case studies, and original sources within the context of critical topics in dental education. Learn more

    MedEdPORTAL is a free online international publication venue where educators in the health professions may publish and share educational resources. Published resources are available to educators, administrators, students, and the general public around the globe. Learn more

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Featured Publications

Beyond the Crossroads: Change and Innovation in Dental EducationADEA CCI's purpose is to build consensus among all stakeholders in dental education, research, and practice by providing leadership to a systematic, collaborative, and continuous process of innovative change in the education of general dentists. Learn more

Charting ProgressADEA's Charting Progress is a monthly e-newsletter by ADEA Executive Director Richard W. Valachovic examining critical issues in dental education. Learn more