Applying for aid

Contact the Financial Aid Office (FAO) at your dental school or university and ask the following questions: 

  • Are any grants or scholarships available? Are they based on need, merit, or both?
  • Are there any separate forms or applications to complete? What are the submission deadlines?
  • Does the FAO require parental information in the application in order to be considered for any campus-based grants, scholarships, or loans?
  • What is the first-year cost of attendance (COA)/financial aid budget? What is the expected monthly living allowance?
  • Are additional types of financial aid available through the school, such as work-study programs, traineeships, or fellowships?
  • Are there any summer internships or other paid research or work opportunities for incoming dental students during the summer before school starts?
Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 

The FAO will need this application to consider you for financial aid. Check with your FAO about any deadlines, but plan on completing the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1 of your anticipated matriculation year.  

If you have any outstanding student loans, get your financial aid records in order.

  • Contact your loan servicer(s) and ensure that they have your up-to-date contact information, including mailing and email addresses and phone number. Be sure they know when and where you are starting dental school and your expected graduation date. 
  • Go to the National Student Loan Data System website and get an updated record of any outstanding federal student loans. You should be able to find your current loan servicer(s) for federal student loans here.
  • Set up both paper and electronic files to keep all financial aid-related documents, including:
    • Copies of any financial aid award letters or notices from the FAO
    • Copies of your Master Promissory Note for any federal loans
    • Disclosure Notices from your lender
    • Borrower Rights and Responsibilities Statements