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Dental School Interviews

Posted by Jenna Lau on June 01, 2014

Hello dental school applicants! I’m sure all of you are excited yet nervous about dental school interview invitations! I’d like to share some of my dental school interview experiences and lessons learned. Okay... here we go:

1st.... Be confident! Even though you are nervous, don’t show it! Practice mock interviews in front of a mirror or with your best friend.

2nd.... Be humble. Don’t be boasting about your past experiences. Of course we all like to share our past experiences, but present yourself in a humble yet professional manner.

3rd.... Be prepared! When it comes to an interview, don’t just think you’re going to wing it. Go online to find some interview questions and make sure you can answer the relevant questions. Questions such as “Why dentistry?”, “What are your strengths/weaknesses?”, “Please elaborate on XXX written on your CV” will always be asked.

4th.... Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before. If you have to travel out of state, make sure to book a flight that will allow you to have some time to rest. Giving your interviewer a good first impression is crucial!

5th... GOOD LUCK!

*Original post published 12/13/2012


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