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Interview Tips Part II (What To Do On The Day Of Your Interview)

Posted by Erica Wasserman on July 16, 2014

Before reading this post, make sure to read "Interview Tips Part I: What To Do In The Days Leading Up To Your Interview."

During my time working in a medical school admissions office, I have picked up a number of helpful “Do’s and Don’t’s” for those heading into an interview. Check out part two of my Interview Tips series for guidance on what to do on the day of your interview. Make sure to come back later for Part III: What To Do During Your Interview, and Part IV: What To Do After Your Interview.

On the Day of Your Interview

Arrive Early.
Leave time to get to your interview location at least 30–60 minutes before your interview starts. Depending on travel time, you will need time to use the restroom, grab a quick snack or a drink, settle in and review your materials before your interview slot.

Being hungry is the worst way to enter an interview with people you have never met before. A growling stomach won’t leave the best impression. Eat something substantial but not too heavy. You don’t want to be hungry, but you don’t want to be sleepy from overeating either.

Mentally Prepare.
Make sure to go over all of the notes you took during your research to refresh your memory about the school, the program and the key reasons why you are a good fit. The last thing you want is to go into an interview feeling frazzled and rushing to recall everything you prepared. Make sure to go over your personal statement and any other application materials you have so your mind is fresh with good experience and educational opportunities to cite in your interview answers. Go over some possible scenarios in your mind and imagine yourself giving your best answer.

After you have reviewed your material one last time, put it away. Give yourself some time to mentally relax for a couple minutes before you enter the interview. Take a few deep breaths—you have prepared as much as possible and you are ready to impress your interviewers!


About Erica Wasserman:

Erica Wasserman Erica earned her master’s degree in Social Work from Simmons College in Boston, MA. She worked for the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (now part of the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine) for several years before serving as the associate director of admissions for Ross University School of Medicine. Erica has served on committees tasked with rewriting the medical school interview process. With more than five years of experience conducting hundreds of medical school interviews, she has extensive experience working closely with the admissions committee to choose strong candidates.