Supporting Information

In this section of the ADEA AADSAS application, you will report your experiences in lieu of submitting physical resume. (You should, however, update your resume for your personal use.) You should record only experiences obtained during college and should only list each experience in one category. 

The categories of information applicants can provide are:

  • Academic enrichment programs: Programs sponsored by colleges, universities or other nonprofit organizations (e.g., Summer Medical and Dental Education Program [SMDEP]). More information can be found at
  • Awards, honors and scholarships (limit of five): College accomplishments are given priority by many admissions committees.
  • Dental experience (limit of 10): Applicants need to provide a brief description of the activity, enter the supervisor’s title, including start and end dates, and indicate whether the position was paid, volunteer, job shadowing or other.
  • Extracurricular/volunteer/community service (limit of 10).
  • Research experience (limit of five): Formal research programs, including those sponsored by universities.
  • Work experience (including military service; limit of five): Current military experiences should include anticipated discharge date and type of discharge.


Where do I send documentation of my experience hours?
ADEA AADSAS does not collect any documentation for the experience sections. If any schools require documentation, it should be submitted directly to them.

What is my “title”? Who is my supervisor?
If you did not have an official title, enter the type of activity you did—for example, “Dentist Shadow” or “Nurse Shadow,” etc. The organization is the location where or for whom the work took place, and the supervisor is the person who was responsible for you or was in charge of your activity.

I’ve begun my experience, but plan on accumulating more hours before dental school begins. Can I include those?
In the experience sections, you may only document (in hours/weeks, etc.) the time already completed. Once you submit your application, you may not update your hours. However, in the text box under “duties,” you may clarify your expected time commitment and send any updates directly to the schools to which you are applying.

Where can I report my publications or presentations?
There is no place on the application specifically for publications, as the dental schools have not requested that this be documented in ADEA AADSAS. If you wish to include this type of activity, you may be able to list them in the “Achievements” section of the application, if appropriate.

I have plans to add experiences after I submit my application. Can I add new experiences after I submit?
No, experiences cannot be added after you submit the application. If you wish to update this information after submission, you may send updated information directly to the school(s) to which you are applying.