Managing your application

You are responsible for monitoring the status of your application and following up with ADEA AADSAS on any missing documents. ADEA AADSAS will only notify you if there is a problem with the coursework section of your application. ADEA AADSAS will not notify you if your transcripts have not been received.

Because some e-mail notifications may be filtered as spam or junk, you are responsible for monitoring your ADEA AADSAS “My Messages” inboxes. ADEA AADSAS is not responsible for notifications that you do not receive in your personal e-mail inboxes.

ADEA AADSAS is not responsible for any materials lost in the mail or for delays caused by registrars’ offices. Express or certified mail does not guarantee expedient processing, and sending transcripts by express or certified mail does not guarantee receipt by ADEA AADSAS.

  • Application status: You can check your application status online or on the mobile webpage. On the account homepage, the column on the right is the status menu. This menu is “read-only” and no section can be edited. Here, you can view your application status, which is updated in real time.
  • Documents: On the status menu, you can also view which transcripts, letters of evaluation and payments have been received by ADEA AADSAS and which are still missing.
  • GPA calculations: Once your application has been verified, you can view your GPA calculations in this menu. Prior to verification, the area under “GPA Calculations” will remain blank.
  • Transcripts: On average, it will take a transcript seven to 10 business days from the date it was mailed to be posted to the application. Once it posts to the application, it will be listed on the status menu with the date it was received.

These sections can be edited after the ADEA AADSAS application is submitted:

  • Current address.
  • Permanent address.
  • Phone.
  • Email.
  • Felony.*
  • Misdemeanor.*
  • License Infraction.*
  • Education Interruption.*
  • Colleges Attended (if still attending).
  • Coursework (if still attending).
  • U.S. and Canadian DAT.
  • Evaluations (may be deleted after submission if not completed; new evaluations may be added up to the maximum).

*Contact customer service for support in updating these items.

ADEA AADSAS provides applicants the opportunity to update their coursework during the Academic Update period, which is from mid–November to early February. During the Academic Update period, applicants can enter grades earned for courses that were listed in the “Course Planned/In Progress” section of the application and add/delete/modify courses listed in that section. Applicants will receive notification and more detailed instructions about the Academic Update process 30 days prior to its initiation. All Academic Update courses and grades must be verified by ADEA AADSAS. Use the ADEA AADSAS Transcript Request Form to arrange for a new official transcript to be sent to the ADEA AADSAS Transcript Processing Department.

ADEA AADSAS provides a service to dental schools that wish to obtain a criminal background check on accepted students through Certiphi Screening. You can view schools that participate in the ADEA criminal background check by visiting the “Dental Schools Designation” section of the application or contacting dental schools.

Once accepted at a participating dental school, Certiphi® Screening, Inc. will send an email to the email address you entered in the ADEA AADSAS application. This email will give you access to a secure online form where you will provides basic identifying information and consent for this report to be obtained. You can review the final report prior to its distribution.

You will have 10 calendar days from when the report is emailed to review it before it is made available to participating dental schools. You will be provided with an opportunity to contest the accuracy of the contents of the report within 10 calendar days. After 10 calendar days, the report will be made available to the participating dental schools from which you received an acceptance.

Tip: The criminal background report will not be released to any party other than the dental schools requesting it. ADEA AADSAS does not have access to this report.

For more information about Criminal Background Check, contact:

Certiphi® Screening Inc.
Applicant inquiry only: (800) 803–9582
8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Am I required to use Academic Update?
ADEA AADSAS recommends, but does not require, applicants with updated grades to participate in Academic Update. However, the dental schools you apply to may require it. Please check with them directly to determine whether or not you are required to use Academic Update. If you fail to enter your updated courses, your designated programs may not consider your application or may revoke a previous offer of admission.

Can I update courses that were already reported as completed?
No, courses that were originally reported as completed cannot be modified.

Do I have to send updated transcripts to my dental schools?
Depending on each program’s admissions policy, you may be required to send updated transcripts directly to each dental school. You should contact the programs directly to determine if this is necessary.

Can I add more dental school designations to my application after I submit?
Yes. You may add programs to your ADEA AADSAS application at any time until the end of the application cycle as long as their individual deadlines have not passed. Login to your ADEA AADSAS application, go to the “Dental School Designations” section of your application and select “Update Designations” to add your additional schools. Please note that you must pay the difference in application fees.